ESEDGG EDGG_FULL2107 / 0132021-07-15 22:25:02Zip7z
ESEDGG EDGG_UPDATE_AIRAC2107 / 0122021-07-15 22:15:39Zip7z
ESEDMM Full-Package2107 / 0112021-07-18 14:35:15Zip7z
ESEDMM Update-Data2107 / 0112021-07-18 14:35:55Zip7z
ESEDMM Update-Package2107 / 0112021-07-18 14:36:07Zip7z
ESEDWW AIRAC2107 / 0112021-07-15 21:29:26Zip7z
ESEDWW DFS_PACK2107 / 0112021-07-15 21:26:14Zip7z
ESEDWW DFS_UPDATE_PACK2107 / 0112021-07-15 21:27:03Zip7z
ESEDWW EDBB_Setup2107 / 0112021-07-20 17:31:03Zip7z
ESEDWW EDBB_Updates2107 / 0112021-07-20 17:31:39Zip7z

EDWWEDYY_M_CTRSebastian Kramer   2021-04-01 16:27:15 UTC
In Absprache mit EDLL wurde der Münstersektor als Station eingefügt und mit den Prioritäten versehen.
EDWWDFS Pack back onlineChris Gutierrez   2021-03-29 21:25:40 UTC

-Multiple Profile fixes.

-VCCS: New Server added. New Langen Sectors added. VCCS Call sound fixed
-Upper Maastricht Splits fixed.
-Easy Pack waypoints,VOR and NDB names added (Easy pack can be now used for EDWW & EDBB)
-No more Euroscope launch sound to keep your ears in tact.
-New EDGG_H_CTR Sectorlines added and now fully implemented.
- Tags can be switched in display settings between DFS_CTR and DFS_CTR_DETAILED. For more or less tag items.
-Topsky CPDLC Upload color changed from black to orange.
-Switched to Default Euroscope ground tags for better use with Simulator and easier use for Trainees.
(VSMR Ground ASR are still available to select, go to OTHER SET- General Settings- Page 2- ASR display adn select ASRs with _VSMR)

EDWWDFS UpdateNiklas Osbahr   2021-03-26 18:46:03 UTC
CPDLCHoppieLogon no longer change
EDWWDFS Update Pack releasedChris Gutierrez   2021-03-26 16:51:26 UTC

-Fixed Squawk Color other than Orange
-Fixed VSMR no Scratchpad
-Fixed Tower RDF
-Fixed Gate assignment too early

-Added Berlin Profiles
-Added Bremen Big Profile
EDWWRG Bremen DFS Pack releasedChris Gutierrez   2021-03-25 16:21:43 UTC
-Now functional with EDBB Berlin Airspace / Sectors.

-Topsky Message In Windows open for display of:
Inbound Coordination requests.
indication of hand offs.
indication of changed Squawks.

-Topsky MTCD (Medium Term Conflict Detection) implemented
Right click on COPX will show the Flight plan route (Will auto hide when Tag is not hoverd over)
MTCD Segments will show in colors:
RED: Separation at Limit (1000ft vertical 5NM lateral) Will show red dot over label
ORANGE: Separation of 2000ft or more
BLUE: Separation 5000ft or more

-VSMR added
See RG Bremen DFS Manual under EDWW-OTHER-EDWW

-Topksy Maps
New Maps added MRVA etc

-Topsky TL fixed

-Departure List Squawk not set
If Squawk is not set correctly the Squawk will show in ORANGE

Useful Tips:
Typing in ES: .cline active will activate ALL centerlines for quick vectoring.

Best regards
Chris Gutierrez