ESEETT FINEST-FullPackage2303 / 0112023-04-01 06:01:50Zip7z
ESEETT FINEST-UpdatePackage2303 / 0112023-04-01 06:24:44Zip7z

(FINEST) AIRAC 2303 releasedMark-Julius Pikat   2023-04-01 06:01:34 UTC
-- TopSky
- (Areas) Added new category R_MoD and TEMPO for AIP/NOTAM areas
- (Areas) Added new restricted areas EER19 to EER32, all w/o label
- (Areas) Added new temporary areas based on NOTAM PIB
- (Airspace) Removed TRL setting for AFIS (TRL now harmonised)
- (Settings) Added temporary setting to fix NOTAM fetching

-- GRplugin
- Adjusted EETN stand allocation for cargo operators (BCS and TAY)

-- Sectors and coordination rules
- Adjusted sector guests for EETT volumes, NORTH group for W22 (INTOR Feeder)
- Added dummy sectors E1 and E2 and their respective COPX with APP
- Adjusted sector owners for EFIN volumes EFIN-C and EFIN-C 245+
- Adjusted sector owners for ULLL volumes ACC-SW and FIC-SW
- Adjusted FIR_COPX order (ADES EFHK)
- Adjusted COPX for EETU FIZ/RMZ

-- Other
- Adjusted alias
- Adjusted login profiles
- Updated procdump.txt (exe) file