ESEPWW Full-Install-Package2206 / 0112022-06-16 14:27:33Zip7z
ESEPWW Sector_AIRAC_Update2206 / 0112022-06-16 14:28:17Zip7z
ESEPWW Sector_P21TagsAndPlugin_Update2206 / 0112022-06-16 14:28:40Zip7z

2206Dawid Reszel   2022-06-16 14:26:21 UTC
No major changes.
2205Dawid Reszel   2022-05-08 16:52:51 UTC
Following AIP changes were implemented:
- DVOR/DME WAR withdrawn
+ MOLIL fix added to EPBC VFR points
Following changes were implemented:
- removed EPBC ATZ layer (replaced by ATZ ALL)
- EPRZ groundlayout withdrawn (replaced by SMR)
! Change of EPWW_N_CTR frequency to 132.700
2204Dawid Reszel   2022-05-01 00:15:20 UTC
Following AIP changes were implemented:
+ New EPPO VFR points
+ New EPBC VFR points
+ Changed ATZ Babice boundary
+ Vertical boundary change of Gdańsk CTR/TMA
Following changes were implemented:
+ Change of top-down hierarchy of TMA Warszawa
Added SMRs for the following aerodromes:
+ EPGY (VFR event)
+ EPKI (VFR event)
+ EPNC (VFR event)
Updated SMRs of the following airports: