FASAAIRAC 1612Jonas Kuster   2016-11-10 17:07:26 UTC
- Airspaces and Frequencies of adjacent FIRs added
FASAAIRAC 1609Jonas Kuster   2016-08-18 08:48:44 UTC
- Minor fixes on sector definitions
FASAAIRAC 1607Jonas Kuster   2016-06-26 13:11:38 UTC
- Sector display for CTR sectors
- Visibility center CTR sectors
- ATIS files
FASAAIRAC 1606Jonas Kuster   2016-06-03 14:09:53 UTC
- New designators for CTR positions
- Minor improvements for automatic list display selection
FASAAIRAC 1602Jonas Kuster   2016-02-21 22:06:08 UTC
Initial release with GNG. Any earlier packages must not be used any longer.
You may transfer your personal settings by copying the relevant parts of the respective files. To ensure proper and easy updates with the next AIRAC cycle, do not change the structure of the folders and files itself.