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How to use the ES built-in downloaderJonas Kuster   2017-06-23 07:51:55 UTC
Please use the Install-Package when changing from a previous release.
The Update-Package is only to be used for updating a previous GNG release.

To use the built-in automatic sector file update function of Euroscope, do the following steps:
1. Navigate to "OPEN SCT", then select "Download Sector Files"
2. In the upper box, select "EuroScope main sector file provider" and click the download button (check the box optionally if ES should check regularly for updates of the sector files contained)
3. Repeat step 2 for the following entries in the given order: "AeroNav GNG Sector File Provider", "AeroNav GNG HTDC Dar es Salaam"
4. Select the entry "AeroNav GNG HTDC Dar es Salaam" and choose the requested package from the list now shown in the lower part of the dialog and click the download button at the right side

Use the Install-Package when changing from a previous non-GNG package to the GNG package. A single download is suggested in this case.
The automatic update is suggested for the update packages only in order to keep your changes in settings. Using the update package will provide you all new sector and navigation data while causing no changes to your personal settings.

Activate the checkbox of column A (Automatic) if you want to receive future updates automatically. ES will always prompt a window announcing a new update available and offer you the choice to update or not. Keep in mind that an update does the same as when you download the Update-Package and extract it to the ES sector files folder overwriting any files. But the Update-Package will always contain only files that have changed since the last release, so it will normally not overwrite any personal settings.

More information about this functionality provided by EuroScope can be found in the wiki:
AIRAC 1707Jonas Kuster   2017-06-23 07:51:22 UTC
- Profiles for Burundi and Rwanda stations (Install-Package only)