AIRAC 1812Chriss Klosowski   2018-11-09 08:41:51 UTC


The update package contains all the files which necessarily have to be replaced and the standard ASR profiles. No setting files (from the settings folder, except the voice channels) will be overwritten. If you wish to use your own personalized ASR profiles, make sure they are named different than the ones provided with this package.
AIRAC 1811Chriss Klosowski   2018-10-12 01:59:57 UTC
* Applied AIRAC 1811
* Fixed issue with NavData not loading in the .PRF
* Alias

The update package contains only the files which necessarily have to be replaced. No setting files (for individual settings) will be overwritten. The provided updated setting files have to be copied manually from the full package in case you want to use them
AIRAC 1810Chriss Klosowski   2018-10-06 13:55:19 UTC
Initial release with GNG. Any earlier packages must not be used any longer.
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Main changes:
- Complete redesign of airspace structure and sector ownership
- Update of Prohibited Areas, Restricted Areas, and Danger Areas
- Update of Ground Layout OOSA, OOMS
- Updated Positions/Frequencies
- Current navigation data
- Current aircraft type, airport and airline data (local VAs may be added)