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2102Jannes van Gestel   2021-02-26 12:53:12 UTC
[AIRAC] AIRAC Cycle Update 2102
2014Jannes van Gestel   2021-01-05 13:49:37 UTC
[AIRAC] AIRAC Cycle Update 2014

[Position] Curacao Control visibility corrected and range updated accordingly

[ASR] New display modes added to switch between airports and radar view. They can be opened using the following shortcuts:

- F1 + 1: Center (for Center & Approach positions)
- F1 + 2: Beatrix (For TNCA positions)
- F1 + 3: Hato (For TNCC positions)
- F1 + 4: Flamingo (For TNCB positions)

[Euroscope] Added Radarstations on Aruba and Curacao to facilitate the use of Professional mode