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AIRAC 1908Bailey Brown   2019-07-30 00:30:26 UTC
With the incoming of the new director Samuel Litsas, much has changed. The sectors have been updated as they were out of date with the newer (Install & Update) version.

-To cut things short-

Install (Fresh install package highly suggested to do every AIRAC Update)
Update (Just sector files have been updated which you can download this one every month, but a fresh install is always suggested.)
Changed voice server to

vSMR as this was causing issues where Euroscope would crash.

Any issues email Samuel Litsas @
Presidential Residence (Sital Niwas)Bahaeddine El-Zarif   2018-09-25 16:26:07 UTC
Dear All,

As a part of our realism approach, we've currently added a new restricted airspace which has been established within our counterparts in real world as follows:

For fixed wing aircraft the airspace limitation is Ground to 1000 feet AGL and for the rotary wing aircraft it will be from Ground to Unlimited.

It is currently located between R336 and R346 and distances 3.5 DME to 4.1 DME from KTM VOR.
Discord-Euroscope Plugin added!Bahaeddine El-Zarif   2018-08-18 18:31:33 UTC
Dear all,

We've added a plugin that allows Euroscope to send data to Discord to create a badge that shows your position, frequency, # of tracked planes, and how long you have been controlling for.

All it takes is to load it in General Settings -> Plugin settings then select it to draw on ES screen if it needs to.

Then you're good to go!
Update and ChangesBahaeddine El-Zarif   2018-04-03 15:05:25 UTC
- Kathmandu TMA, ATZ, CTR added.
- Simara ATZ, CTR added.
- Janakpur ATZ, CTR added.
- Chandraghandi ATZ added.
- Biratnagar TMA and ATZ added.
- Bhairahawa TMA and CTR added.
- Bharatpur ATZ added.
- Surkhet ATZ added.
- Nepalgunj TMA and CTR added.
- Pokhara ATZ and CTR added.
- PRF file
- Symbology
- Display settings/ASR

Things still needs to be done:
- Import of airport layout not mentioned above (except for VNKT).

If you have any ideas that you would like to see on the sector file, please send us an email to