ESVNSM Install2103 / 0112021-04-01 07:39:24Zip7z
ESVNSM Update2103 / 0112021-04-01 07:40:17Zip7z

AMDT 01/2021Resh Bikram Bhattarai   2021-03-28 11:36:11 UTC
INITAL RELEASE: This is a complete revision of VNSM FIR within GNG. All previous files are to be disregarded.

[VNKT] Stand numbers defined

[NAVDATA] AIRAC 2103 Enabled
[COLOR] Sector Colors redefined
[VNKT] Heli apron updated
[POSITIONS] VNSM_CTR now 124.600 (Primary Position) VNSM_E_CTR now 126.500 (Secondary Position) VNSM_W_CTR now 124.700 (Secondary Position).

(Please refer to for a full list of positions)

[NAVDATA] AIRAC 2102 Disabled

DISCLAIMER: There is on-going work with Sector Files within VATWA across all vACCS. Handoff boundaries and boundaries lines between FIRs may not work due to WIP. Thank you for your understanding

NOTES: As part of the initial release there will be bugs within the sector file. If you find any problems. Please get in touch with Nepal vACC Staff