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Discord-Euroscope Plugin added!Bahaeddine El-Zarif   2018-08-18 18:31:33 UTC
Dear all,

We've added a plugin that allows Euroscope to send data to Discord to create a badge that shows your position, frequency, # of tracked planes, and how long you have been controlling for.

All it takes is to load it in General Settings -> Plugin settings then select it to draw on ES screen if it needs to.

Then you're good to go!
Update and ChangesBahaeddine El-Zarif   2018-04-03 15:05:25 UTC
- Kathmandu TMA, ATZ, CTR added.
- Simara ATZ, CTR added.
- Janakpur ATZ, CTR added.
- Chandraghandi ATZ added.
- Biratnagar TMA and ATZ added.
- Bhairahawa TMA and CTR added.
- Bharatpur ATZ added.
- Surkhet ATZ added.
- Nepalgunj TMA and CTR added.
- Pokhara ATZ and CTR added.
- PRF file
- Symbology
- Display settings/ASR

Things still needs to be done:
- Import of airport layout not mentioned above (except for VNKT).

If you have any ideas that you would like to see on the sector file, please open a ticket via and select "Nepal vACC General" as your help topic.