ESWAAF WAAF_Install1812 / 0112018-11-09 08:34:28Zip7z
ESWAAF WAAF_Update1812 / 0112018-11-09 08:33:36Zip7z
VRCWAAF WAAF_VRC_BETA1812 / 0112018-11-09 08:33:18Zip7z
ESWIIF WIIF_Install1812 / 0112018-11-09 08:36:05Zip7z
VRCWIIF WIIF_Install_VRC1812 / 0112018-11-09 08:35:20Zip7z

WIIFAIRAC UpdatedRafly Rayyaan   2018-10-12 00:07:27 UTC
AIRAC updated both to 1811.
Changes for WIIF:
- Added Ujung Pandang, Singapore, and Malaysia airport.
Changes for WAAF:
WAAFMinor UpdatesRafly Rayyaan   2018-09-25 13:17:45 UTC
- New groundlayout
WIIFWIIF Sectorfile BETA released and AIRAC update!Rafly Rayyaan   2018-09-23 08:39:03 UTC
Good day!
Any we're happy to announce we already finished some of our work on Jakarta FIR sectorfile.
So we're announcing and release Jakarta FIR BETA sectorfike now :).
We have done some big airports, but some of them only available for layout, because we still don't find any good AFCAD to use.
And, this sectorfile also available for VRC. So we can continue support with VRC.

Last news I wanted to say is, AIRAC updated to 1810!
WAAFAIRAC Update and VRC Package released.Rafly Rayyaan   2018-09-10 11:33:04 UTC
Good day.
AIRAC updated for WAAF/Ujung sectorfile to AIRAC 1809.
And also, right now we're supporting VRC, and it's right now at BETA state.
You can find Alias file under WAAF then go to Alias folder. There is a .txt file named alias.
For POF file, you can find on the root folder.
WAAFAIRAC 1803Chriss Klosowski   2018-03-20 08:54:57 UTC
Here it is.
The release for 1803 and hopefully the Beta for everyone! Do note this only contains essentials for WADD so do not expect all ground layouts to be done yet!

This has TopSky implemented as used in the real systems. Please report any bugs by contacting me on the GNG Forums.