AIRAC 2006 v10Frederick Arisandi   2020-05-24 16:07:38 UTC
- WATO ground layout added
- Gate assignment for remote parking stand manual only
- Automated SIDs and STARs activation for an active runway for the major airport at WIIF and WAAF added
AIRAC 2006Frederick Arisandi   2020-05-23 23:13:22 UTC
- Navigation data updated to AIRAC 2006
- TopSky plugin added
- GroundRadar plugin added
- MAESTRO plugin added
- WX radar
- automated gate assignment for WIII and WADD
- Automated SIDs and STARs activation for active runway at WIII, WIMM, WIOO, WADD , WARR, WALL and WAAA
- Immersive and realistic sound provided by Andrew Ogden ( and customed sound (startup, connect, disconnect).
Indonesia Sectorfile Released!Wildan Gunawan   2019-03-08 09:43:59 UTC
Want to know something new? Yes! We finally released our new type of sectorfile!
What is new? 1 sectorfile for 2 FIR! Isn't that amazing? So no more 2 sectorfile for Indonesia, right now, only 1 sectorfile needed to control in Indonesia.

This sectorfile include both WIIF and WAAF, so you can choose to control airport in Jakarta FIR (WIIF) or Ujung Pandang FIR (WAAF) without need to reload the sectorfile! Old method (reload other sectorfile) is time consuming! We already know that too. So right now, we give you new method, just load 1 sectorfile, then BOOM. You can choose to control from Maimun Saleh Airport (WIAB/SBG/Sabang) to Mopah Airport (WAKK/MKQ/Merauke). Just like the song we like to sing!

Now Playing: Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke by R. Suharjo

Here is the feature you will get:
1. Full Indonesia FIR,
2. ATC frequency for all airport,
3. DiscordEuroscope plugin,
4. Vis point already set,
5. Splitted center airspace,
6. VRC support,
7. and many mores!

No need to wait, just go download the sectorfile and online!
Happy controlling!

Note: If you're a C1 or above, please read our new Center SOP. Download our SOP at

If you have any suggestion, kindly email us at or