ESEXCXO EXCXO-Install2311 / 0132023-11-04 18:23:10Zip7z

AIRAC 2311Amos Ng   2023-11-04 18:05:06 UTC
The sector file has been updated for AIRAC 2311, with many bugfixes made for the sector file.

Any feedback, please contact the Operations Director, Amos Ng, on Discord.
AIRAC 2306Amos Ng   2023-07-03 16:19:45 UTC
- Addition of TopSky
- Addition of UK Controller Plugin
- Removal of vNAAATS
- Amendments to Alias

This sectorfile contains big changes and there are no upgrades provided for this AIRAC update.
AIRAC 2302Amos Ng   2023-02-25 17:15:16 UTC
Release of AIRAC 2302
- Bugfix on the sectorisation where some aircraft was not seen on vNAAATS scope
- Updated frequencies for neighbouring sectors and new positions
AIRAC 2205David Solesvik   2022-05-24 09:44:11 UTC
Additions :
- Improved ASR layout to a more realistic view with additional entry/exit waypoints and airports added.
- Added Concorde Tracks as geo-line displays and free-text labels. These can be disabled in display settings at the discretion of the controller.

- CZQO Vis-points have been brought closer - this should resolve a bug when controlling CZQO_CTR, where ATC and the pilot would not hear each other at some parts of the map. This bug is caused when the pilot client doesn't see the controller on their pilot client list, thus the HF is not mapped and aliased to the VHF frequency.

Please report any and all feedback to, on our Discord, or submit feedback here:
vNAAATS v1.3b1David Solesvik   2021-09-26 11:47:21 UTC
vNAAATS Plugin version hotfix v1.3b1:
Sector package (plugin fully installed):

Bug fixes:

[ROUTE PARSING] Fixed a bug where routes that contained only named waypoints would crash the client.
[ROUTE PARSING] Fixed a bug relating to expired NAT tracks that caused vNAAATS not to recognise the route, resulting in a crash.
Thank you for using vNAAATS! Feedback is always welcome. Join the vNAAATS discord here, or email