ESOEJD Install2401 / 0112024-02-09 21:58:36Zip7z

AIRAC 2401Dallon Pereira   2024-02-09 21:35:20 UTC
Initial release of new Saudi Arabia vACC sector files.

Details of changes are outlined below:


- Rectified various sector ownership issues.
- Adjusted several sector boundaries.
- Corrected labels for taxiways KC, KA, and KB.
- Active Airports now automatically selected.


- Updated NAVDATA to AIRAC 2401.
- Aligned ACC sectors with AIP data.
- Revised frequencies for accuracy.
- Refreshed sector file colors.
- Modified ACC profiles.

- Introduced a new package for Cross the Land with the VATCAN plugin pre-installed and configured.

NOTE: This release does not include an update package. A complete clean installation of the sector file is necessary!

This update is mandatory, and support for older versions of the sector file will be discontinued.
AIRAC 2311Dallon Pereira   2023-11-01 18:25:32 UTC

- [SETTINGS] Controller info lines amended to reflect modern data.
- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC 2311.
AIRAC 2310Ismail Hassan   2023-10-05 11:04:25 UTC
Changes from the previous version are as follows.

- Nil

- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC 2310
- [PLUGINS] Amended DiscordEuroscope plugin to display the vACC logo in the controller's activity

- Nil
AIRAC 2307 V1Ahmad Ayoub   2023-07-23 11:24:28 UTC
- Updated from AIRAC 2306 to AIRAC 2307.
- Improved naming of all sectors.
- Corrected vertical and lateral boundaries of some sectors as per the latest eAIP specifications.
- Fixed Riyadh TMA and added the North East CTA of Riyadh.
AIRAC 2306 V1Ahmad Ayoub   2023-06-21 20:52:52 UTC
- Updated from AIRAC 2305 to AIRAC 2306.
- Added Al Ahsa (OEAH) ground layout.
- Bug fixes and improvements.