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EVRR 1907 ChangesJaneks Tompolskis   2019-06-26 17:38:52 UTC
Thanks to everyone who provided feedback - the sector file packages have been updated to include some of the requested changes.

Our custom "ATIS Maker" system has been updated to include custom taxiway closures and more environmental and surface conditions. In order to use these new variables, this new sector file package is required.

As always, if there are any suggestions, errors, comments or questions, please get in touch with me:

EVRR 1901/1902 ChangesJaneks Tompolskis   2019-02-13 11:25:47 UTC
EVRR files for 1902 released (apologies for the delay). New information included in login profiles, so *PLEASE select the dropdown box for the "Callsign" field* and re-enter your login credentials before connecting.

Radar stations added and updated, for those requesting to use the professional correlation mode in EuroScope.

A few other minor cosmetic changes, and the option of CPDLC system integration for lists. For instructions on using this system, click here:

Questions, comments, suggestions:
EVRR 1813 ChangesJaneks Tompolskis   2018-12-06 23:44:47 UTC
Ground layout text updated; Z4 removed.
new GILAX SID activated and vectoring points added.
Major sector update (recommended)Janeks Tompolskis   2018-03-31 16:58:04 UTC
With the release of AIRAC 1804, the sector has been reworked and now includes the realistic vSMR plugin for the ground view.

IMPORTANT: Please download the update (if you are already using a previous release) and OVERWRITE ALL FILES. This is necessary to ensure the settings are up-to-date for everything. Apologies if this may mean moving lists around to where you like them to be on the screen, but it's the only way to do it.


+Added vSMR plugin
+Fixed Jurmala-1 noise abatement area
+Fixed login profiles (please insert your login credentials again)
+Other cosmetic fixes.
+Changes to the lists

Thanks to Tom Earl for his help with the plugin and testing, and for configuration of settings.

Any questions or comments? E-mail
Ground layout update, ATIS files fixed and made coJaneks Tompolskis   2017-12-12 14:49:05 UTC
Cycle 1713 brings a new ground layout to Riga airport, and the newly recorded ATIS files ensure compatibility with the Latvia ATIS maker. Any problems, questions, suggestions:

Thanks to Tom Earl for helping to test and troubleshoot the changes, and to Tomass Stalgis for providing an insight into the real world ATIS system.