Test version of the new sectorJaneks Tompolskis   2017-09-09 16:11:18 UTC
A test version of the new sector has been released (Package_Update_2017_EVRR_NewGroundLayout).

The ground layout has been completely reworked to match the real world, and plugins have been updated. There's also a feature of the latest EuroScope beta in the Ground ASR file which enables the controller to see the airport in a horizontal orientation, which makes it easier when using a normal landscape monitor.

This version will not change any of your profiles, symbology, display, etc. settings.

If you notice any bugs, problems, etc., please contact me on Skype or by e-mail: janeks.tompolskis@lv-vacc.org

Huge thanks go to Stanley Yorke and Arturs Akimovs for their painstaking hard work creating the new layout.
EVRR Final and Update Packages ReleasedJaneks Tompolskis   2016-06-03 13:42:17 UTC
We've compiled new "complete" and "update" packages.

The "complete" package (called Package_Final) includes all the needed files for Euroscope to work, (login profiles, frequency lists, servers, sector files, ATIS files, and the relevant ICAO and AIRAC information).

The "update" package (called Package_Update) includes all the updated files with each new AIRAC cycle, and any fixes which may be implemented (frequency changes, new ATC positions, procedures, etc.). This package will not overwrite your existing settings, login information (CID and password saved, server, controller information lines), it will just bring your sector installation up to the latest navigation data and AIP release.

The update package contains only the files which necessarily have to be replaced. No setting files (for individual settings) will be overwritten. The provided updated setting files have to be copied manually from the full package in case you want to use them.

Any comments: ervins.reinverts@lv-vacc.org
EVRR Final 1604 releasedJaneks Tompolskis   2016-04-05 21:40:57 UTC
EVRR files for 1604 released, with inclusion of updated Malmo sector frequencies, fixes to bugs in ATIS files, inclusion of Ventspils ATIS, and other minor bug fixes.

Any comments: ervins.reinverts@lv-vacc.org
EVRR Final 1602 releasedJaneks Tompolskis   2016-02-08 17:46:02 UTC
With huge thanks to Mark-Julius Pikat and Panos Konstantinidis, the Riga setup has been released and should now be working fully. Any bug reports should be directed to ervins.reinverts@lv-vacc.org.