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ESLLLL Update-Package1906 / 0122019-05-24 14:39:36Zip7z

Airac 1906 UpdateEliran Krulfeld    2019-05-23 15:22:03 UTC
Sector updated to airac 1906.
List of changes:
Update stage 3Eliran Krulfeld    2018-09-28 19:35:52 UTC
LLBG: Added EG Apron.
Added parkings at WH and at EH.
Added Apron H.
Updated the name of A to X.
Added X and H apron's RP.

BGN ATIS UpdateAlmog Atar   2018-09-18 21:13:50 UTC
ATIS update: text format, voice format, new RNP voice files. UNI ATIS website updated as well
Update stage 2Eliran Krulfeld    2018-09-18 10:21:14 UTC
Added sector of:
Updated the CVFR waypoints.
Update stage 1Eliran Krulfeld    2018-08-11 19:21:33 UTC
LLHZ runways number correction.
Added atis freq. at LLET, LLHA, LLHZ, LLIB.
Pluto freq. correction.
New alias file.