Update stage 1Eliran Krulfeld    2018-08-11 19:21:33 UTC
LLHZ runways number correction.
Added atis freq. at LLET, LLHA, LLHZ, LLIB.
Pluto freq. correction.
New alias file.
AIRAC 1713 AIP CHG NOV17Almog Atar   2017-12-20 14:24:41 UTC
AIRAC 1713 Update
New RP and taxiways
new ALIAS file
AIRAC 1702/01Ohad Shalev   2017-02-03 17:42:24 UTC
AIRAC 1702/01 cycle update
AIRAC 1612Almog Atar   2016-11-10 14:57:58 UTC
AIRAC 1612 and AIP AMDT 2/16 including STAR DIVLA1C/D and ILS X RWY 26, STAR LIMKO2 and more
AIRAC 1606Almog Atar   2016-06-04 13:49:15 UTC
AIRAC 1606, APP and Tel Aviv profile have been updated and corrected to real world settings
Mag Var correctionOhad Shalev   2016-03-15 21:39:38 UTC
israel magnetic variation correction to +4.
AIRAC 1601/01Ohad Shalev   2016-01-07 18:48:27 UTC
AIRAC 1601/01 cycle update
AIRAC 1512Yuval Gazit   2015-11-28 14:17:15 UTC
AIRAC 1512 update
AIRAC 1510 + ATIS updateYuval Gazit   2015-10-17 12:46:41 UTC
AIRAC 1510 and ATIS update regarding new rmk for RWY30 approaches and HP E during LDG OPS on RWY21 and RWY26
Airac Cycle 1509 + Correlation settingsAlmog Atar   2015-08-22 09:36:28 UTC
AIRAC 1509
Correlation settings for APP TWR GND and Tel Aviv