AIRAC 2013Ali Badreldeen   2020-12-14 08:04:05 UTC
- [MISC] Adjusted display area

- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC 2013
- [SECTOR] Fixed position IDs and frequencies
- [SECTOR] New OJAI ground layout
- [SECTOR] New OJAQ ground layout
- [SECTOR] Added Prohibited + Danger Areas
- [REGIONS] New colour scheme
- [PLUGINS] New vSMR 'A-GCMS' profile
- [SETTINGS] Realistic Symbology pack
- [SETTINGS] Extended centerlines
- [TAGS] Updated tag families - TopSky
- [ASR] New displays
- [PROFILE] Singe profile for simplicity

- [PLUGINS] TopSky Implementation
- [PLUGINS] MAESTRO Implementation
- [SECTOR] OJAM ground layout F1+6

NOTE: No update package is included with the release. This requires a full clean install of the sector file!
AIRAC 2012Chriss Klosowski   2020-11-11 09:37:02 UTC
- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC 2012
- [POSITIONS] OJAI_TWR Frequency updated to the correct one
AIRAC 2010Suprojit Paul   2020-09-10 14:33:35 UTC
- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC 2010
AIRAC 2009Suprojit Paul   2020-08-29 08:21:16 UTC

- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC 2009

- [PLUGINS] vSMR added to the sector file for better ground controlling.
- [SECTORS] Sector ownership changed to be made more simpler
- [SMR] Ground layouts for OJAI and OJAQ updated. OJAM to follow soon.

NOTE: Borders with LLLL will be fixed once they get working on their files.

After we lost the original sector files we have restored them and updated it back to its original state with some updated changes.

The update package contains all the files which need to be replaced including ASR and settings files. Although not recommended, if you wish to use your own personalized ASR profiles and settings files, please ensure that they are named differently than the ones provided with this package.