ESEDGG Full_Package2406 / 0112024-06-13 20:22:02Zip7z
ESEDMM AIRAC-Update2406 / 0112024-06-14 09:25:37Zip7z
ESEDMM Full-Package2406 / 0112024-06-14 09:23:42Zip7z
ESEDMM Full-Update2406 / 0112024-06-14 09:26:00Zip7z
ESEDWW AIRAC2406 / 0112024-06-13 15:36:38Zip7z
ESEDWW Full-Package2406 / 0112024-06-13 15:35:42Zip7z
ESEDWW Full-Package-Update2406 / 0112024-06-13 15:31:06Zip7z
ESEDXX FIS2403 / 0112024-04-06 22:30:13Zip7z

EDWWEDWW AIRAC 2406 ChangelogHannes Altmann   2024-06-12 20:38:34 UTC
- (EDWW) Updated military AoRs
- (EDWW) Added new Emden Block Clearance Area
- (EDWW) Added new Tactical Directs EDWW and EDYY
- (EDWW) Added ALT+B shortcut to display upper sectors
- (EDWW/PHX) Added EM 2024 ED-Rs

--Groundradar Plugin--
- (EDDB) Updated Groundlayout, NOTAMs and Stand Assignments
- (EDDB) Updated De-Icing Pads
- (EDDH) New Groundlayout and updated Stand Assignments
- (EDDV) New Groundlayout and updated Stand Assignments
- (EDDW) Updated Stand Assignments
- (EDHI) New Groundlayout and updated NOTAMs
- (EDHL) New Groundlayout
- (EDVE) New Groundlayout

- Fixed CPDLC Login EDYY_J_CTR
- Updated vACDM alias command
EDWWEDWW AIRAC 2405 ChangelogHannes Altmann   2024-05-16 12:31:50 UTC

- Switched back to v2.5b7
- Added new link for AUP area activation
- (EDWW) Added ETHF AoR
- (EDWW) Added missing airspace level EDDB
- (EDWW) Added prediction line setting to Local Settings
- (EDWW) Changed activation ED-R 30, ED-R33, ED-R37
- (EDYY) Added shortcut for Lower Sectors
- (EDWW/YY/UU) Updated directs map

--Groundradar Plugin--
- Added LB and LR to Schengen country list
- Updated stand assignment at EDDH
- Updated NOTAMs at EDDB and EDDH

- Small bugfixes to EDWW tag
EDMMContent of the different packagesJannik Vogel   2023-12-12 09:54:09 UTC
Full Package contains everything up to date.

Full Update contains everything up to date, except the plugin dlls and LocalSettings. The dlls are located in /EDMM/Plugins/Manual Updates. This enables an automatic update via the built-in Euroscope update function. However, the plugins must then be updated manually.

AIRAC-Update only contains .sct, .ese and VoiceChannels.txt, as well as ICAO data.
EDMMCHANGELOGSRobin Gloster   2022-03-20 23:13:44 UTC
For the monthly changelog please refer to the posts in our forum (access needed):