ESEDGG Full_Package2404 / 0132024-04-23 15:45:26Zip7z
ESEDMM AIRAC-Update2404 / 0122024-04-18 17:50:56Zip7z
ESEDMM Full-Package2404 / 0122024-04-18 17:49:53Zip7z
ESEDMM Full-Update2404 / 0122024-04-18 17:48:51Zip7z
ESEDWW FIR-Beta-Package2404 / 0122024-04-23 08:48:51Zip7z
ESEDWW FIR-Beta-Package-Update2404 / 0122024-04-23 08:54:28Zip7z
ESEDWW RG-Berlin-Full-Package2404 / 0112024-04-18 13:17:15Zip7z
ESEDWW RG-Bremen-Full-Package2404 / 0112024-04-18 13:16:18Zip7z
ESEDWW RG-Bremen-Update-Package2404 / 0112024-04-18 13:15:37Zip7z
ESEDXX FIS2403 / 0112024-04-06 22:30:13Zip7z

EDMMContent of the different packagesJannik Vogel   2023-12-12 09:54:09 UTC
Full Package contains everything up to date.

Full Update contains everything up to date, except the plugin dlls and LocalSettings. The dlls are located in /EDMM/Plugins/Manual Updates. This enables an automatic update via the built-in Euroscope update function. However, the plugins must then be updated manually.

AIRAC-Update only contains .sct, .ese and VoiceChannels.txt, as well as ICAO data.
EDWWEDWW AIRAC 2312Hannes Altmann   2023-11-30 14:30:56 UTC
- Changed MVA to winter MVA
- Added ASP menu to TWR tag (IAS item)
- Fixed EDDB_DEL controller info
- Changed tactical directs EDWW/EDUU to reflect new EDU LoAs
- Added NDF/FHA stands

- Fixed EDWW tag
- Added NDF/FHA stands

EDWWEDWW AIRAC 2311Hannes Altmann   2023-11-02 22:39:53 UTC
- New Topsky Beta (2.5b7)
- Fixed predicted tfc window
- Changed route draw line width
- Switched back from vACDM to CDM plugin for now
- Updated primary/standby target EDWW
- Updated EDWW maps to reflect new EDWW West splits
- Updated direct maps EDWW/EDUU (new LoA ESAA)
- Removed Börde from EDMM, removed all EDMM maps
- Changed EDDB_N_DEP frequency to 120.340
- Updated De-icing pads EDDB
EDWWEDWW AIRAC 2310Pascal Grotzke   2023-10-06 17:34:19 UTC
- AIRAC2310
- Added CPDLC/PDC to EDWW controller info
- EDDW: Transitions fixed
- Crash due to RG Bremen Plugin fixed
- GroundRadar Plugin: AoR-Maps frequencies corrected
- Topsky Beta 2.5b6 added
- IASsure fixed
- CDM updated
- EDXW_ATIS temporary change implemented
- NOTAMS (GRP Maps) updated
- ALIAS: Autotext messages fixed
- Minor changes to Dep-List
- FlightPlanChecker hidden
EDWWEDWW AIRAC 2310Manuel Pick   2023-10-05 18:32:38 UTC
- New Topsky Beta (2.5b6)
- Added Turning Areas for IPA operations
- Added additional TOPO Labels for TWR Radar
- Updated TWY restrictions EDDB
- Removed VATCAN event plugin
- Highlight all EDDB approaches to DBAS even with DBAN
- Added speed selection to TWR tags
- Updated CPDLC freetext lines
- Updated NOTAMs EDDB
- Added remote TopskyArea file to settings, to enable centralized activation of BASIC airspace