ESEXCXO EXCXO-Install2406 / 0112024-07-02 05:31:17Zip7z

AIRAC 2404Amos Ng   2024-04-20 16:20:22 UTC
1. Screen Layout.txt added, with "show text messages" unticked and SIL is now stuck below SEL.
(If you want to undo this, you may go to QUICK SET-> Connect SEL to SIL bottom)
2. RDF is now enabled through TopSky.
3. VATCAN Bookings Plugin now updated to the latest version.
4. Fixed bug where ICAO data was not loaded in, and thus callsigns of aircraft were not appearing.
CTP 24 WestboundJack Koskie   2024-04-20 02:56:12 UTC

A new sector file has been published for CTP 24 Westbound. This sector file should only be used for the event and will no longer be available afterwards.
AIRAC 2401Amos Ng   2024-01-28 07:09:42 UTC
Happy new year to all!
1. Aliases are fixed.
2. TopSky functionality is re-done from the ground up and built for Oceanic Use.
3. CPDLC is now usable, do remember to add your hoppies code into EXCXO/Plugins/TopSky/TopskyCPDLChoopieCode.txt .
4. Customised Discord Rich Presence Plugin for Gander Oceanic.
5. Sector Inbound/Exit Lists are fixed

Any issues or problems with the sector file, please feedback to Amos Ng - ZQO5 Operations Director through Discord.
AIRAC 2311Amos Ng   2023-11-04 18:05:06 UTC
The sector file has been updated for AIRAC 2311, with many bugfixes made for the sector file.

Any feedback, please contact the Operations Director, Amos Ng, on Discord.
AIRAC 2306Amos Ng   2023-07-03 16:19:45 UTC
- Addition of TopSky
- Addition of UK Controller Plugin
- Removal of vNAAATS
- Amendments to Alias

This sectorfile contains big changes and there are no upgrades provided for this AIRAC update.