AIRAC 2302Amos Ng   2023-02-25 17:15:16 UTC
Release of AIRAC 2302
- Bugfix on the sectorisation where some aircraft was not seen on vNAAATS scope
- Updated frequencies for neighbouring sectors and new positions
AIRAC 2205David Solesvik   2022-05-24 09:44:11 UTC
Additions :
- Improved ASR layout to a more realistic view with additional entry/exit waypoints and airports added.
- Added Concorde Tracks as geo-line displays and free-text labels. These can be disabled in display settings at the discretion of the controller.

- CZQO Vis-points have been brought closer - this should resolve a bug when controlling CZQO_CTR, where ATC and the pilot would not hear each other at some parts of the map. This bug is caused when the pilot client doesn't see the controller on their pilot client list, thus the HF is not mapped and aliased to the VHF frequency.

Please report any and all feedback to, on our Discord, or submit feedback here:
vNAAATS v1.3b1David Solesvik   2021-09-26 11:47:21 UTC
vNAAATS Plugin version hotfix v1.3b1:
Sector package (plugin fully installed):

Bug fixes:

[ROUTE PARSING] Fixed a bug where routes that contained only named waypoints would crash the client.
[ROUTE PARSING] Fixed a bug relating to expired NAT tracks that caused vNAAATS not to recognise the route, resulting in a crash.
Thank you for using vNAAATS! Feedback is always welcome. Join the vNAAATS discord here, or email
vNAAATS v1.3bDavid Solesvik   2021-09-16 05:22:15 UTC
vNAAATS Plugin version release v1.3b:
- [General] Mach and FL now submitted into FSD if the OCA controller has the aircraft assumed, and received from FSD if not assumed.
- [General] Cursor position detection mechanic updated to detect and calculate from actual monitor size.
- [General] Added a version checker.
- [General] Asynchronous vNAAATS network data posting to keep all clients up to date (by tracking controller). Data also fetched every 5 seconds.
- [Flight Plan Window] Completely revamped data entry mechanics. If no clearance, route and destination are auto-filled into the data panel based on the aircraft's initial flight plan. The separate Man Entry panel has been removed.
- [Flight Plan Window] Route will always be displayed in a north-oriented, W->E direction, regardless of direction of flight (from the real-life system).
- [Flight Plan Window] Callsign will be displayed in yellow if the aircraft's oceanic clearance hasn't been marked as Read Back (ReadBk button).
- [Flight Plan Window] Window now re-instantiates with new aircraft flight plan when selecting another aircraft without having to re-open FPWindow.
- [Tag] Selected aircraft is now depicted with a rectangle border around the tag.
- [Tag] Aircraft that have yet to have their clearance submitted to the vNAAATS network are highlighted with a purple callsign andtag border.
- [Menu Bar] Added AUTO TAG button - resets tag labels to their default positions.
- [Styling] Bitmap font added back again removing the need to have it installed locally.
- [Debug] Further exception handling throughout the codebase and brief in-client debug logger. More verbose logs are stored in the .log file in the plugin directory.
- [vNAAATS Network] Support added for new API properties throughout the plugin.
- [vNAAATS Network] Ability added to remotely configure the plugin NAT track source for major events such as CTP.
- [Tag] Changed Mach to ground speed (N number). Mach approximation too inaccurate to be of any usefulness.
- Minor GUI additions, styling improvements and BTS enhancements.

NEW TOOL: Flight Data Display (FDD)
The FDD serves to provide both oceanic and domestic authorities with automatic, real-time-updating electronic strips for cleared oceanic aircraft. It displays aircraft by track as well as random routings and provides much of the information located inside the client, with the additional display of any natTrak clearance information they may have received.
The tool is available at No authentication is required. Please note the following:
- Custom sorting and filtering of the strips is at the top of the priority list, along with displaying pending natTrak clearances independently of submitted vNAAATS data.
- Data is read only for now.
- Scaling for smaller screen sizes and different screen distributions is not yet complete. The FDD works best with a 1920x1080, 16:9 monitor. Please use your browser's zoom function in the meantime if required.
- The plugin author welcomes your feedback as always.

Bug fixes:
- Huge overall performance and stability improvements.
- [General] Fixed crash when closing Euroscope.
- [General] Fixed crash related to asynced route calculations.
- [General] Fixed flight-plan window closing randomly without user input.
- [Graphical Data Display] Fixed visibility issue for CZQO, where westbound aircraft appear too late.
- [Flight Plan Window] Fixed reversed display of lat/long points.
- [Flight Plan Window] Fixed release button.
- [Menu Bar] Addressed (and hopefully fixed) a graphical glitch which surfaced sporadically after interacting with a drop-down menu (please report if it persists).
- [Routing] Fixed half-lat/lon points not being recognised.
- [Track Info Window] Resized window to make room for longer NAT track routes.
- [Other] Fixed SCO_WD_CTR not displaying correctly
- Optimised various components and fixed other smaller bug throughout the codebase.

Known issues
- The Track Control mechanic is still work-in-progress and may therefore not function correctly.
- NAT tracks may show with entry/exit waypoints defaulting to 0.0, 0.0. Please report the names of any waypoints for which this occurs and we will add them to the database.
- An internal code ("AIRCRAFT") used by vNAAATS to determine some routing situations may appear in the flight plan window route box and cause a syntax error. This can easily be fixed by removing the code from the route.

Thank you for using vNAAATS! As always, feedback is welcome. Join the vNAAATS discord here:, or contact Andrew via his email:
vNAAATS V1.2r2David Solesvik   2021-08-23 17:57:19 UTC
Solved critical bug, concerning aircraft visibility.
AIRAC 2108 Major ChangesDavid Solesvik   2021-08-12 23:32:25 UTC
- Introduction of NAT_FSS
- Changed all other FSS suffixes to CTR.
- Changed all CZQX stations to CZQO prefixes.
- New version of vNAAATS (v1.2)

- New bug fixes with the introduction of a new vNAAATS update.

Please report any and all feedback to, on our Discord, or submit it here:
AIRAC 2105 + Callsign ModificationsDavid Solesvik   2021-06-04 23:38:38 UTC
- [CALLSIGNS] Reverted back to FSS callsigns - switched back to CZQX_FSS and EGGX_FSS

- [SECTOR] Hopefully fixed issues concerning sector ownership and not being able to see aircraft.
- [POSITIONS] Any prior issues concerning neighbouring positions should also be fixed.

Please report any and all feedback to, on our Discord, or submit it here:
Plugin update & CTR Callsign ModificationsAndrew Ogden   2021-03-26 23:05:41 UTC
Sector package BETA version updated to include the following modifications:

- New plugin DLL with improved functionality (still in development, report feedback to Andrew Ogden)
- FSS callsigns replaced with CTR.

vNAAATS improvements:
- Flight plan mechanics simplified and improved to increase stability
- SiT Functions panel added in top right corner, with functionality to temporarily remove all filters, delete all route lines and show extended tags
- Mechanic added to determine equipment capability of aircraft (whether they are ADSB equipped or not)
- Conflict system re-calibrated for new separation minima announced 03/2021
- ...more to come

Please report any and all feedback to, or submit it here:
AIRAC 2012Chriss Klosowski   2020-11-11 08:30:16 UTC
- [ARTCC-H] Updated sector boundaries to reflect the whole bandbox sectors for New York, Santa Maria and Moncton
- [ASR] Primary ASR updated to accommodate the new plugin for oceanic
- [ASR] Primary ASR updated to show more fixes as per the real displays
- [SECTORS] Sectors updated, only one primary sector and secondary sector for oceanic GANDER-OCA & GANDER-OCA-SONDRESTROM. Track & Delivery positions are now required to select the appropriate ALTOWNERSHIP in the "Sector Ownership" menu in "OTHER-SET" for the sectors to work accordingly
- [SECTORS] Guest ownership added for sectors to work appropriately
- [AIRAC] Applied AIRAC 2012

- [ARTCC] Drawings for Santa Maria and New York are now completed instead of a partial sector. Thanks to Bernado Reis for the help!
- [POSITIONS] Position data updated, positions added required for Cross the Pond

NOTE: Update package is not provided, a clean install is required for this version!
AIRAC 2011v2Chriss Klosowski   2020-11-03 06:34:41 UTC
- Delivery positions updated to accommodate the upcoming controller plugin for oceanic.


The update package contains all the files which necessarily have to be replaced and the standard ASR profiles. No setting files (from the settings folder, except the voice channels) will be overwritten. If you wish to use your own personalized ASR profiles, make sure they are named differently than the ones provided with this package.