1602Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2016-02-02 14:13:49 UTC
- [Sounds] Added new Euroscope sounds.
- [Frequencies] Added new LTUP_CTR station.
- [Freetext, Labels] Added LGAV C1, C2 taxilinks.
- [Aliases] Added new alias commands, update a few old commands.
- [Backend Scripting] Updated sector MagVar in conjunction with GNG bug fix.
- [SID, STAR] Updated prefered LGAV 03R SIDs to T, according new info about real life procedures.
- [Settings] Updated to true FP List Correlated option.
- [Settings] Updated to false "Assign random SQ" option.
- [Settings] Updated to true general settings option to assume aircraft on ground as SQ mode S.
1511Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2015-10-15 20:37:33 UTC
- [Settings] New Color Set for radar screens
- [Settings] Updated APP lines color to match STAR lines color
- [Settings] Added weather report alias for dep and arr airport
- [Settings] Updated Ground S mode TAG to include Simulation indicator
- [Settings] Show magnetic north up setting unchecked in Euroscope settings
- [SID, STAR] Cannot assign STAR via Sector Exit List (SEL) for combined procedures
- [Frequencies] New ATIS frequency for LGSM: 127.050
- [Airport Layout] Updated LGAV REGION to match FlyTampa's Athens scenery
- [Airport Layout] Updated LGAV GEO lines to match FlyTampa's Athens scenery
- [PRF & ASR Files] Updated ASR files to include new AoR lines instead of old GEO lines
- [Airport Ground Networks] Updated LGAV Ground Network to match FlyTampa's Athens scenery
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] COPX points for LGSA
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] LGMK COPX and Altitudes
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] Updated RIKSO COPX altitude for inbound flights into LTBJ
- [Station Sectors, Sector Lines] Replaced ARTCC & ARTCC-L TMA and Tower CTR zones with AoR from withn GNG
1510Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2015-10-01 20:10:29 UTC
- [Settings] Update Symbology.txt settings file to add colors for new unlocked sections (ARTCC, GEO, etc)
- [Settings] Update ARTCC, ARTCC-L, ARTCC-H, SIDS, STARS and GEO colors to be editable by the user
- [PRF & ASR Files] Update ICAO.APP ASR files to reflect changes in new MRVA placement under SIDS section
- [PRF & ASR Files] Add URL for Pilots Feedback into ATIS INFO LINE 4
- [Airport Ground Networks] Ground Network for Sweatbox simulations: LGAV & LGTS
- [Frequencies] Update LCCC_CTR Frequencies
- [Frequencies] Update GULF_FSS Frequencies
1509Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2015-09-14 17:21:09 UTC
- [SID, STAR] Missing STARS for LGSR 34R
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] GLO COPX for LTBS and LTBJ
- [Backend Scripting] Missing LGLR runways
1508Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2015-07-29 14:32:07 UTC
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] COPX LGKR (YNN) INBOUND
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] COPX altitude for Izmir
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] COPX altitude for LGRP
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] COPX altitude for LGRP from Dalaman
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] COPX altitude for LGRP from Dalaman
1506Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2015-06-01 09:06:03 UTC
- [SID, STAR] LGPZ STAR priority for rwy 07L
- [SID, STAR] LGAL LMO STAR priority
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] COPX LGKR INBOUND
1504 v5Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2015-04-13 08:12:51 UTC
- [Settings] Mispelled Voice Channel server
- [Settings] RFL on Departure List changes Final FL
- [Settings] AtisFiles.txt list is blank
1504 v4Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2015-04-11 12:40:52 UTC
- [SID, STAR] LGTS missing STARs for VORz rwy 34
- [PRF & ASR Files] LGAV_GND wrong facility type on Profiles
- [Station Sectors, Sector Lines] GND sector lines do not highlight on LGTS, LGKR, LGRP
- [Settings] Easy ground TAG, now can assume / handoff / release clicking on the callsign
- [Settings] .autoproceed command for /t pilots not working when issuing a direct to
1504 v3Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2015-04-06 18:55:51 UTC
- Frequency change for LGAV_GND to 121.750
1504 v2Panagiotis Konstantinidis   2015-04-05 15:11:36 UTC
Small changes in:
- Departure List
- Sector Entry List
- Sector Exit List

- Fixes the order of LGAV 21L SIDs to NEVRA and GERMI