1813 AIRAC Vasilis Chalipilias   2018-12-22 11:51:47 UTC
1812 Vasilis Chalipilias   2018-11-28 20:36:49 UTC
- [Holdings] Updated EGN Holding LGAV Entry direction
- [Frequency] LGKO Ground communication withdrawn
- [Frequency] Added LGST SITIA Information (122.6)
- [Frequency] Added LGKV ATIS 128.150
- [Frequency] Change LGKV_TWR name to MEGAS ALEXANDROS Tower
- [SID, STAR] LGIO STAR KRK 1C replaced by PARAX 1C
- [SID, STAR] LGIO STAR KRK 1E & 1F replaced by PARAX 1D & 1E.
- [SID, STAR] LGIO SID IBTIN 3B renumbered 1B and revised
- [SID, STAR] LGIO SID KRK 3A replaced by PARAX 1K
- [SID, STAR] LGIO SID KRK 3B replaced by PARAX 1H
1811 Full PackageVasilis Chalipilias   2018-10-31 22:14:41 UTC
- [Documentation] Updated to HvACC_Aliases_Quick_Reference_v1_4.
- [SID, STAR] Change preferred SID LGKR Rwy 17 OLGAT 2D according real life.
- [Holdings] Added R343J Holding LGTS.
- [ATIS] Atis line 4 changed For contact visit www.forum.hvacc.org/contact/.
- [Frequency] Change for LGSR_APP to 118.050.
- [Frequency] Change for LGAV_ATIS to 136.120.
- [Frequency] Change for LGAV_TWR to 136.270.
- [Alias] Updated and Added new Text.
- [Profile] Added LGKR_GND.ASR.
- [Profile] Added LGRP_GND.ASR.
- [Profile] Full Updated LGAV_GND.ASR.
- [Regions] Added New LGAV_GND Layout Updated according new info about real life Controlling.
1811_Beta_v1Vasilis Chalipilias   2018-10-20 22:14:35 UTC
- [LGSR TMA CHANGE] New TMA Coordinates
- [LGIR TMA CHANGE] New TMA Coordinates
- [LGIR MRVA CHANGE] New MRVA Lines and altitudes
- [LGKR MRVA CHANGE] New MRVA Lines and altitudes
- [LGSA TMA UPDATE] New TMA Coordinates
- [Sounds] Added ATIS Files (RNAV.WAV) Simulated Voice at ATIS for Rnav Approach.
- [Sounds] Added general Missing Sounds
- [Aliases] Updated Quick Visibility toggle ..VFR-ICAO aliases to new VFR points abbreviations for LGMK and LGRP.
- [PRF & ASR Files] Updated (ICAO_APP.ASR) profiles do not load all the LGGG MRVA, but specifically each profile loads his own MRVA. (For example LGTS_APP.ASR loads only for LGTS not for all the LGGG)
- [PRF & ASR Files] Added LGGG_APP/CTR ASR files to reflect new MRVA SECTORIZATION placement under
SIDS section,according new info about real life Controlling.
- [COPX Points and Altitudes]New LGSR COPX and Altitudes.
- [COPX Points and Altitudes]New LGKR COPX Point PARAX.
- [VFR Waypoints]Added LGMK and Updated LGRP VFR Routes and points
- [Positions] Updated ID names of Athens radar,Makedonia Radar,Athens Arrival,Athens Director,
Athens Departure,Venizelos Tower West,Venizelos Tower
- [Sectors] Boundaries Fixed between LGGGKAV /HECC_ACC1&2
- [Sectors] LGST and LGTL Controlled by LGIR_APP
- [Sectors]LGGG:LGIR_APP:000:125/125:155 removed and Added New sector LGGG:LGIR_APP:000155
- [Holdings] Inserted missing LGKR (BEDEX) published holding .
- [Holdings] Added new LGSR (LEKRA) published holding.
- [Holdings] Updated LGMK (MKN) published holding From 3500ft to 10000ft
- [Holdings] Added RDS Vor/dme for ILSZ RWY25 published
- [Holdings] Added North (MKR10) and South (MKR09) holdings for ILS16 and VORZ34 in LGTS
- [SID, STAR] Added Rnav aproaches LGKR,LGIO,LGMK,LGSR
- [SID, STAR] LGIR Replaced prefered SID EPALO 1C, to EPALO 1T for rwy 27
- [SID, STAR] LGKR Added RNAV Aproach RWY 35
- [SID, STAR] LGIO Added RNAV Z Aproach RWY 14 & 32
- [SID, STAR] LGMK Added RNAV RNP Aproach RWY 34
- [SID, STAR] LGSR Added RNAV Aproach RWY 16L
- [Sector entries] Updated Groundlayout LGTS_GND for rwy 10/28
1702Vasilis Chalipilias   2017-02-21 09:29:29 UTC
- [Aliases] Pilot Info.
1613Vasilis Chalipilias   2016-12-09 16:19:53 UTC
- [SID, STAR] Revised LGAV NEVRA SID from 03L to NEVRA1M from NEVRA1L, LGAV VARIX STAR for 21R,L to VARIX1B from VARIX1A.
- [Frequencies] Revised TWR frequencies for LGSR, LGAD.
- [Frequencies] Revised APP frequencies for LGSR, LGAD.
- [Frequencies] New CTR frequencies for LGGG_U_CTR, LGMD_U_CTR.
- [Frequencies] Removed unused TWR frequencies for LGAL, LGSD, LGMT, LGPZ, LGSA, LGSY, LGTP.
- [Freetext, Labels] Revised LGIR ground freetext labels, T05, T06 and T07 stands were missing.
- [Backend Scripting] LGRP ATIS 25.wav file sounds like twentyfive, should be two five.
- [Airport Ground Networks] LGIR Ground Network for Sweatbox simulations.
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] New local COPX inbound/outbound altitudes for all airports.
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] New GLO COPX point NIKTI descend FL230 for inbound traffic to LGTS.
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] New FIR COPX inbound/outbound altitudes for LGKR,LGTS,LGRP,LGKV,LTBS,LTBJ.
- [Station Sectors, Sector Lines] Revised vertical limits for APP stations.
- [Station Sectors, Sector Lines] New LGGG_U_CTR and LGMD_U_CTR Upper sectors, above FL325.
1611Vasilis Chalipilias   2016-11-03 10:02:33 UTC
- [Backend Scripting] Revised LGKR VFR Fixes.
- [Aliases] Revised quick toggle command to draw LGKR VFR fixes.
- [Aliases] New quick toggle commands to draw VFR fixes for LGSK and LGMT.
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] Revised LGIR COPX altitudes for outbound flights.
- [SID, STAR] Revised LGKR VFR Routes.
- [SID, STAR] Revised LGAV SIDs and Release FL.
- [SID, STAR] New VFR fixes and routes for LGSK and LGMT.
- [Sounds] ATIS sound file for LGSM missing.
- [Settings] Update Profile Information Lines with coverage area for CTR stations.
- [Station Sectors, Sector Lines] LGAV, LGTS, LGIR, LGKR APP sector line with EURS_FSS.
- [Station Sectors, Sector Lines] LGGG-HECC & LCCC-HECC sector line problem.
1604Vasilis Chalipilias   2016-04-01 12:17:14 UTC
- [Sounds] Updated ATIS Files.
- [Aliases] Updated Quick Visibility toggle ..VFR-ICAO aliases to match new VFR points abbreviations.
- [Settings] Updated airport briefing URL in all connection profiles ATIS lines.
- [SID, STAR] Inserted missing LGAV PELAG published holding.
- [Airport Layout] New LGTL, LGKS, LGKJ airport layout (GEO and REGION).
- [Airport Layout] Updated LGKC, LGST, LGKP, LGRD airport layout (GEO and REGION).
- [PRF & ASR Files] New LGGG-APP profile containing all airports in two asr files, one for APP and a second one for GND view.
- [Backend Scripting] Updated danger, restricted and prohibited areas.
- [Backend Scripting] Updated complex VFR fix names to five characters long abbreviations.
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] New LGAL LMO COPX altitude descent FL80.
1602Vasilis Chalipilias   2016-02-02 14:13:49 UTC
- [Sounds] Added new Euroscope sounds.
- [Frequencies] Added new LTUP_CTR station.
- [Freetext, Labels] Added LGAV C1, C2 taxilinks.
- [Aliases] Added new alias commands, update a few old commands.
- [Backend Scripting] Updated sector MagVar in conjunction with GNG bug fix.
- [SID, STAR] Updated prefered LGAV 03R SIDs to T, according new info about real life procedures.
- [Settings] Updated to true FP List Correlated option.
- [Settings] Updated to false "Assign random SQ" option.
- [Settings] Updated to true general settings option to assume aircraft on ground as SQ mode S.
1511Vasilis Chalipilias   2015-10-15 20:37:33 UTC
- [Settings] New Color Set for radar screens
- [Settings] Updated APP lines color to match STAR lines color
- [Settings] Added weather report alias for dep and arr airport
- [Settings] Updated Ground S mode TAG to include Simulation indicator
- [Settings] Show magnetic north up setting unchecked in Euroscope settings
- [SID, STAR] Cannot assign STAR via Sector Exit List (SEL) for combined procedures
- [Frequencies] New ATIS frequency for LGSM: 127.050
- [Airport Layout] Updated LGAV REGION to match FlyTampa's Athens scenery
- [Airport Layout] Updated LGAV GEO lines to match FlyTampa's Athens scenery
- [PRF & ASR Files] Updated ASR files to include new AoR lines instead of old GEO lines
- [Airport Ground Networks] Updated LGAV Ground Network to match FlyTampa's Athens scenery
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] COPX points for LGSA
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] LGMK COPX and Altitudes
- [COPX Points and Altitudes] Updated RIKSO COPX altitude for inbound flights into LTBJ
- [Station Sectors, Sector Lines] Replaced ARTCC & ARTCC-L TMA and Tower CTR zones with AoR from withn GNG