ESLTXX TRvACC-FULL-PACKAGE-V22212 / 0112022-12-05 16:58:21Zip7z

AIRAC 2205Gursel Alp   2022-05-19 13:37:10 UTC
AIRAC 2205 Changelog:
-New sector file out, you can find it on (TRvACC-FULL-PACKAGE-V2)
-Ground Layouts revised
-LTFO Sectors added to the sector file and be available after the airport is in use. Currently LTFO is not available to use due to no procedures will not be published via AIRAC 2205.
-vATIS profiles revised:
-Antalya TMA Runway 18L profile issue fixed.
-LTBB_CTR profile added.
-LTFO added to the airports.json, when ATIS frequency is published LTFO will be added to the vATIS under the TRABZON TMA.
-In order to use this read the installation of vATIS inside the Other folder in the Sector file.
-.plc command added to the alias file. You can use it for pilots new to VATSIM.
-New sector file introduction added into LTXX/Other folder, read carefully to fully understand the Sector file.