ESLTXX TRvACC2004 / 0122020-04-08 11:16:45Zip7z
ESLTXX TRvACC_Settings2004 / 0112020-04-08 07:48:07Zip7z

Visual ImprovementsCemre Can   2020-04-08 11:19:09 UTC
We've made some visual improvements for LTFJ and also corrected LTBS park positions as in the latest sceneries
Missing LTBA SID/STARsCemre Can   2019-08-10 21:49:48 UTC
After LTFM started it's operations some of the SID/STARs of LTBA are missing and the last AIRAC with them was 1904. Some pilots still uses LTBA with old procedures and this may cause some problem if you have a later AIRAC. So if you want to use old AIRAC(1904 with LTAI update) just contact me. This will be obviously outdated so use with caution.

AIRAC 1904 with LTAI UpdateCemre Can   2019-04-01 22:58:45 UTC
This update covers both new AIRAC 1904 and LTAI ground layout/stands as they changed it IRL (15 Feb 2019)
AIRAC 1811 LTFM UpdateCemre Can   2018-10-29 15:17:12 UTC
As promissed, LTFM is fully ready for your service with this update, ground layout is from satellite images, taxiways and gates are from free sceneries. As a result of this, some of the taxiways look like going over grass areas. I left it that way because "we'll see what pilot see" if you track taxiway lines, and it is easier this way to update later if they update their sceneries to match satellite images
AIRAC 1811Cemre Can   2018-10-25 17:52:07 UTC
With this update you'll have new SID/STAR for LTFM, LTBA and LTFJ. This update also includes LTFM airport and it's borders, Taxiways and Gates will be added later. Also from now on you can draw "published holds" in your STARs. Just check the holds you want to see in your "display settings dialog->stars"