ESLTXX TRvACC-Full-Package2407 / 0142024-07-11 17:27:55Zip7z

AIRAC 2406Hazar Uymaz   2024-06-13 13:51:10 UTC
AIRAC 2403Hazar Uymaz   2024-03-21 22:54:41 UTC
LTAC Apron 4 Taxiways Added (S and T)

LTAG Notam area added

LTAJ Taxiway "B1" changed to "D"

ANK background fixed while ANK_A is online

BIG1K constraints fixed

Danger Area "D19" added

Departure list reindexed for CDM operations

Conflict alert for Mode-S and Other profiles removed

Common Fixes added as "X" into Yesilkoy TMA to make shortcuts easier

LTFM, LTAI DCL Revized, LTFJ and LTAC added.

vATIS Profiles Revised.
Remove old profiles, you can find the new one in LTXX/Plugins/vATIS. Import the new ones.
Profiles updated for DCL airports [LTAC, LTFJ]

ANK_C_CTR CPDLC code change to ANKC - conflict with LTAC

RMK tab on DCL Window now only use for actual remarks, ATIS INFO will be automatically send to traffics


Advisory Euroscope version 3.2.2
Stable version, link:
Delete old euroscope, install 3.2.2. Sectorfiles will remain after removing.
LTAI runway 18L/36R will open according to NOTAM at 2024/03/22 1400z, if they don't extend the NOTAM.
36C/36R INDEPENDENT PARALLEL DEPS/ARRS will be in progress
18C/18L INDEPENDENT DEPS ONLY!, Arrival can only be 18C or DEPENDENT PARALLEL OPS 18C/18L (not recommend)
If NOTAM will extend then only 18C/36C will be in use.

vATIS Profiles Updated

DCL remark added for LTAC, LTAI, LTFJ, LTFM profiles.
LTFJ major changes (DEP 06L/R - ARR 06R & DEP 24L/R - ARR 24R configs added)
LTAI major changes (independent parallel approach & departure added to profiles)
LTBH ATIS added at LTBB profile (for events etc.)
AIRAC 2402Hazar Uymaz   2024-02-22 13:11:10 UTC
- New MRVA for IST

-LTAC and LTFJ wiki link updated

-LTFM background color changed to little more lighter

-Other files has been updated

-DiscordEuroscope plugin updated (LTBA changed to IST)

-New ALIAS command .closeho (This command can be used when you are gonna close but want to send the traffics to another sector)

-BAVBO 1H added to LTAL
AIRAC 2401Hazar Uymaz   2024-01-25 19:47:30 UTC
-New LTFM for ES
-LTBW/Hezarfen added (TopSky ACC-APP)
-GRPlugin for LTFJ updated
-LTDA runway reduced to 2 KM
-LTAJ new apron added
-Wiki added to Alias
To use it type:
.wikifm (LTFM)
.wikiai (LTAI)
.wikifj (LTFJ)
.wikibs (LTBS)
.wikiac (LTAC)
AIRAC 2313Hazar Uymaz   2023-12-28 18:58:30 UTC
Airac Update and DCL added for LTFJ!