ESLZBB AiracUpdate2113 / 0112021-12-30 21:58:17Zip7z
ESLZBB FullUpdate2113 / 0112021-12-30 21:58:35Zip7z
ESLZBB Installer2113 / 0112021-12-30 21:58:52Zip7z

Airac 2113 V1Patrick Weineis   2021-12-07 03:20:38 UTC
Sector Exit List:
- Scratchpad should now be writeable

changed LZIB TMA4/LZPP TMA1 Boarder

- addet all LZTRA (mil training areas)
- addet LZR28A, LZR90A, LZR90B, LZR90C, LZR415
- changed LZR40
- deleted LZR100A

- Heliports changed words without special characters

addet callsign:
KSX (Smartexpress)
FFP (Flyingfish)
ACH (Air child)
APN (Air polonia)
IFL (Interflug)

renamed all regios/ARTCC/GEO
Airac 2112 V2Patrick Weineis   2021-11-30 16:57:02 UTC
skipped V1 due faulty publishment
addet follow callsign's: AMV, LHA
addet heliports as listed in AIP LPS AD1.3
changed naming of all CTR green backgrounds in "LZBB CTR background" due interference with the heliports
Airac 2111 V1Patrick Weineis   2021-10-07 14:38:17 UTC
changed Login Server
Airac 2102 V1Patrick Weineis   2021-02-14 16:17:06 UTC
addet plugin "nextWP"
adjusted TAG that it shows next Waypoint
New Ground radar Plugin (its in the folder PLUGINS\Plugins for Update) please install this in the correct folder
Airac2013 V5 Patrick Weineis   2020-12-07 01:25:12 UTC
New LZKZ_APP freuency
corrected login profile for LZKZ_APP

reworked Slovakia airpace due new TMA's