ESLZBB FullUpdate2402 / 0112024-02-23 02:34:49Zip7z
ESLZBB Installer2402 / 0112024-02-23 02:38:54Zip7z

Airac 2401Patrick Weineis   2024-01-25 17:45:00 UTC
new SID's

changed all Airports to assign automaticly RNAV SID
Airac 2313 V1Patrick Weineis   2023-12-23 18:27:18 UTC
Manually inserted LZMC SID and STAR due missing data
Airac 2312 V1Patrick Weineis   2023-11-13 16:11:41 UTC
Corrected routing config fault for DELHEL
Corrected missing LHPB_APP indication in Topsky
Airac 2311 V3Patrick Weineis   2023-11-05 13:03:33 UTC
fixed wrong Airplane Symbols

fixed DelHel where Valid routings show as Invalid
Airac 2311 V2Patrick Weineis   2023-11-03 08:43:33 UTC
fixed Duplicated Callsign in Login screen
fixed where some users view was streched
fixed frequency not shown for LOVV

Updated CDM Plugin