ESLZBB AiracUpdate2301 / 0112023-01-26 15:30:37Zip7z
ESLZBB FullUpdate2301 / 0112023-01-26 15:29:14Zip7z
ESLZBB Installer2301 / 0112023-01-26 15:28:55Zip7z

Airac 2213 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-12-03 12:16:04 UTC
Addet ENR5.5 (Aerial sporting and recreational activities)
delete wrong double TAKOS and KEKED waypoint
updated Groundradar plugin

new LKAA_APP station (GND-FL125)
Airac 2210 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-10-06 13:20:34 UTC
Fixed missing STAR for RWY19 LZKZ
Airac 2106 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-06-15 07:32:24 UTC
addet LZR241

changed LZBB_APP.asr to meet new STAR in LZKZ
Airac 2205 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-04-27 18:24:56 UTC
all LZBB_CTR Position
-changed vis range do 150nm and 3 different vis points (due performance issues)

new ground radar plugin
Airac 2104 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-03-30 10:07:12 UTC
New groundradar plugin version (update manually)

corrected max A/C type in LZTT for stand 1,3,4

VFR points for LZPP, LZTT, LZZI changed