ESLZBB AiracUpdate2205 / 0112022-05-19 21:50:37Zip7z
ESLZBB FullUpdate2205 / 0112022-05-19 21:51:29Zip7z
ESLZBB Installer2205 / 0112022-05-19 21:51:48Zip7z

Airac 2205Patrick Weineis   2022-04-27 18:24:56 UTC
all LZBB_CTR Position
-changed vis range do 150nm and 3 different vis points (due performance issues)

new ground radar plugin
Airac 2104 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-03-30 10:07:12 UTC
New groundradar plugin version (update manually)

corrected max A/C type in LZTT for stand 1,3,4

VFR points for LZPP, LZTT, LZZI changed
Airac 2103 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-03-12 19:15:07 UTC
corrected sectorization of West sector above FL305
Airac 2202 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-02-24 19:59:23 UTC
Login Profiles
LZBB_E_CTR and LZBB_W_CTR delete
LZBB_U_CTR addet
Airac 2201 V1Patrick Weineis   2021-12-30 23:42:50 UTC
Update groundradar plugin manualy from folder Plugins for Update

automatic boarder to EPWW corrected

ARTCC-High "BOARDER" corrected missing BORDER to UKLV
changed LZR area into category "restricted area" instead of "danger area"
changed color of "restricted area", "danger area", "Temporary Reserved Area" and "Danger Area"
addet and changed stands in LZIB (31-35,4X,5X,13A,16)