ESOIIX Install_Package2212 / 0112022-12-18 10:05:21Zip7z
ESOIIX Update_Package2212 / 0112022-12-18 10:07:53Zip7z
VRCOIIX VRC_Install2212 / 0112022-12-18 10:08:28Zip7z

AIRAC 2212/01Mohammad Bahrololoum   2022-12-18 10:10:03 UTC
- Nil

- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC CYCLE 2212/01
AIRAC 2111/01Amir Golmohammadi   2021-11-10 12:01:41 UTC
Initial WIP release of new Iran vACC sector. Changes detailed below.

- [SECTOR] Fixed several sector ownership issues

- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC2111
- [SECTOR] Updated COPX points with Afghanistan, Pakistan
- [SETTINGS] Updated lists for compatibility with new plugins
- [SETTINGS] Updated tags to more closely match real radar display
- [SETTINGS] Updated symbology to more closely match real radar display
- [GEO] Updated coastline data

- [ASR] New ASRs (WIP)
- [PROFILE] New profiles (WIP)
- [PLUGINS] Implemented TopSky. A full overview of the features may be found in the provided documentation.
- [PLUGINS] Topsky - New Squawk ranges based on those used in the real world. Squawks are now assigned through the TopSky plugin and are chosen based on the context of the flight plan.
- [PLUGINS] Topsky - Added automatically activated special use airspace (danger, restricted, prohibited areas)
- [PLUGINS] Implemented ARBControllerpack including timer and route checker.

NOTE: No update package is included with release. This requires a full clean install of the sector file!

This in a mandatory update and older versions of the sector file will no longer be supported!
AIRAC 2109/01Suprojit Paul   2021-09-27 14:05:51 UTC
- Nil

- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC CYCLE 2109/01
AIRAC 2108/01Suprojit Paul   2021-08-15 14:22:35 UTC
- [SECTOR] Fixed issues with West Asia boundary
- [SECTOR] Fixed neighboring FIR boundaries not displaying correctly.

- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC CYCLE 2108/01
AIRAC 2107/01Mohammad Bahrololoum   2021-07-15 14:06:38 UTC
- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC CYCLE 2107/01