AIRAC 2007Bailey Brown   2020-06-16 06:11:10 UTC
Please refer to our discord for more details or contact our training staff via email.
AIRAC 2003 AmendmentsBailey Brown   2020-03-03 10:21:07 UTC
VIRGO is the new kid on the block so long LOGAN!
Also fixed some weird restore down error where it made a square instead of doing what it should be doing. As always email me if something is not working
AIRAC 1913 AmendmentsBailey Brown   2019-12-08 01:45:22 UTC
Final App Director, Dep High, East, West & South APP Sectors added separately for ARTCC-L if you want the non-standard positions to show separately.
to be honest there really isn't anything to update.
Happy Holidays?
And good luck with Pokemon if your playing that at the moment.
AIRAC 1912 Amendments - A new hopeBailey Brown   2019-11-07 10:58:35 UTC

Once again, we are back on the AIRAC Update. So whats changed?

Departure List, Inbound & Exit List's are changed back to the design from 1801. On top of this, we have changed from UniATIS to our own VATSIM Hong Kong ATIS Hosting. This has been adjusted in the sectors, so no need to change anything. Just press Connect and automatically update ATIS and your all set to go!

The ATIS now follows the real world ATIS except it has both Arrival and Departure runway as we can only have 1 ATIS on the network per airport. The small things like this I hope you can enjoy!

As previously stated, MVA's added & the Spacing Tool has been moved to the GEO section.

AFV Standalone client updates!
~ For APP and CTR Controllers the AFV will automatically have the other positions automatically appear so you will no longer need to add them manually.

As always any suggestions contact me:
[PART 2]AIRAC 1911 Amendments The AFV UpdateBailey Brown   2019-10-28 09:48:07 UTC
Another update has been pushed.

For CTR & APP there is a new plugin having a ring around aircraft when they speak on the new AFV. I also removed the geo chunk that was inside Chek Lap Kok. Taxiway Colours are changed to make it a bit easier to read. If you have any suggestions for anything else feel free to email me.

MVA's are automatically displayed for APP and ACC profiles & the Separation Tool has been moved to the Geo section under other set and display settings.