ESVHHK Hong_Kong_Install1810 / 0122018-09-20 10:51:57Zip7z
ESVHHK Hong_Kong_Update1810 / 0122018-09-20 10:51:08Zip7z

AIRAC 1810 AmendmentsBailey Brown   2018-09-20 10:42:30 UTC
Added South 1 and 2 sectors as well as East 1 and East radar splits in preparation for world flight.
AIRAC 1809 AmendmentsBailey Brown   2018-08-24 07:20:28 UTC

~Hong Kong AIS website updated
~Radio-stations created for Tai Mo Shan, Sha Chau, Mount Parker & Beacon Hill.
~Hong Kong Ground Midfield added VHHH_C_GND

~ACCHKG5 Bailey Brown
AIRAC 1807 AmendmentsBailey Brown   2018-06-25 01:27:51 UTC
-Taxi Markings (VHHH, VHSK)
-Runway Markings (VHHH, VHHX, VMMC, VHSK)
-Added Shek Kong Base to frequency, login profiles, ground drawn
-Shek Kong Base only to be open by when approved by a Hong Kong vACC staff member or an I3.
-New Alias Update (Thanks to Oscar Chui)

.PAXS ACARS MSG to CREW of $aircraft: PAX arrival information, expect STAND $uc($1), BAGGAGE CLAIM No. $uc($2) END of MSG /Reply to confirm the Message
.PAXG ACARS MSG to CREW of $aircraft: PAX arrival information, expect GATE $uc($1), BAGGAGE CLAIM No. $uc($2) END of MSG /Reply to confirm the Message
.CARGO ACARS MSG to CREW of $aircraft: Cargo arrival information, expect STAND $uc($1) END of MSG /Reply to confirm the Message

~ ACCHKG5 Bailey Brown 1376159

Added new Tag settings,
CH & Limes Measuring Tool,
Darkened Yellow Shade
AIRAC 1806 AmmendmentsBailey Brown   2018-05-25 07:00:16 UTC
Gates that were labeled wrong have been fixed.

Magnetic Variation fixed to match 1713 Sector Files

To enable them, go into free text and click on it so that the full black tick is showing not the semi-transparent one.
AIRAC 1805 AmmendmentsBailey Brown   2018-04-27 00:23:17 UTC
EFFECTIVE DATE: 26 April 2018
1. Introduction
1.1 This AIP Supplement promulgates a revised departure speed restriction applicable to all
Standard Instrument Departure (SID) routes from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).
1.2 The departure speed restriction is adjusted with an aim of achieving more consistent
departure spacing and maximizing runway capacity.
2. Details

2.1 With effect from 0000 UTC on 26 April 2018, the departure speed restriction for the first
turn points for all SID routes, i.e. PORPA, ROVER and PRAWN from HKIA will be revised
to 205 kts or greater.
2.2 Pilots shall report to ATC prior to departure when the aircraft is unable to comply with the
published speed restriction for safety consideration.
2.3 All SID charts and the associated navigation database coding tables will be amended
2.4 The revised SID Charts are given in the Attachment.

3. Cancellation
3.1 This AIP Supplement will be cancelled when the information is incorporated into AIP Hong

See link for attachments