ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Installer2104 / 0122021-04-22 13:54:19Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Update2104 / 0122021-04-22 13:54:46Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Update2104 / 0122021-04-22 13:55:20Zip7z

airac 2104 Rev2Patrick Weineis   2021-04-22 20:24:42 UTC
changed LOGIN profiles due missing links
airac 2104 Rev1Patrick Weineis   2021-04-06 16:27:47 UTC
change LOVV airspace do new sectorisation
changed LOGIN profiles
changed existing frequency of LOVV_CTR
changed airspace of APP LOWS/LOWG/LOWK
changed airspace of ACC B/W/S/N
integrated new LOA with LHCC and LKAA
integrated new FLAS
addet Helipad LOPF, LOPR

Groundradar, addet TJS callsign do primary GAC area
Airac 2103 V2Patrick Weineis   2021-03-26 09:03:02 UTC
fixed missing SID/STAR in LOWG
fixed missing freetext on
fixed old Topsky.dll in Full installer
Airac 2103 V1Patrick Weineis   2021-02-27 16:26:32 UTC
LOWS changed E-Position
LOWW changed Groundlayout to actual real life situation
LOWK addet missing Helipad H1-H3
LOWG addet missing Helipad H4-H6

addet "U" transition for LOWW

Groundradar plugin, changed sourcecode for LOWW

Airac 2102 V1Patrick Weineis   2021-02-14 23:06:03 UTC
Informed colors changed to reflect correct real colors.
Fixed a bug where LOWG departures via LOWW_APP airspace will be informed once released by APP an inside the CTR LOWW.
New Groundradar.dll is available in "Plugisn for Update"
Updated EDMM-CPDLC logons for seamless logon-transition.
addet LOA LZBB
addet missing LOWG/LOWW TMA1 procmin