ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Installer1906 / 0132019-05-23 21:23:53Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Update1906 / 0132019-05-23 21:24:47Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Update1906 / 0132019-05-23 21:25:35Zip7z

Airac 1904 Rev.1Patrick Weineis   2019-04-02 18:12:45 UTC
Updated Topsky callsign (EJU, FRS, ...)
Corrected LOVV_S_CTR airspace
Airac 1904Patrick Weineis   2019-03-09 22:16:12 UTC
addet groundfixes for LOAN, LOAV, LOLW (must be activated if not used the "LOVV Full Update")
addet groundfix Ex21 at LOWW (must be activated if not used the "LOVV Full Update")
addet LOVV_S_CTR (LOWG,LOWK,LOWI if LOVV_CTR is offline, automaticly assigned for complete austria)
addet LOXT_APP
updated Topsky_Callsign's

CTR LOWG now up to 4.500ft

LOD22,LOD24,LOD25a,LOD26,LOD27,LOD30 changed altitutes

COPX for LZIB set to 7.000ft acc. real procedure
Airac 1901Patrick Weineis   2019-01-07 03:24:50 UTC
displaced A12 highway out of LOWI airport
Airac 1812Patrick Weineis   2018-11-08 15:29:38 UTC
replaced MRVA31 to MRVA30 near GESGI acc. "ATC Surveillance Minimum Altitude Chart - LOWW"
Airac 1811 Rev2Patrick Weineis   2018-10-19 23:00:25 UTC
Updated due new ES_Beta
reworked "Piloting List" and hide it as standart