airac 2104 V4Patrick Weineis   2021-04-27 06:10:06 UTC
changed URL in Controller Atis to shorter one
fixed missing STARS for LOC DME East circling rwy08 in LOWI
addet Delhel plugin (Update version must install it on their own!)
addet VAL(Delhel) row in Departure list
airac 2104 V3Patrick Weineis   2021-04-22 20:30:07 UTC
Missing Vis points for new LOVV Sectors set
Missing COPX points for LAU Station set
LOWW_M_APP didn't activate Military areas any more
FLAS- DEP EDDM B1 N1 climbing 290 for all destinations (not only LOWW)
airac 2104 V2Patrick Weineis   2021-04-22 20:24:42 UTC
changed LOGIN profiles due missing links
airac 2104 V1Patrick Weineis   2021-04-06 16:27:47 UTC
change LOVV airspace do new sectorisation
changed LOGIN profiles
changed existing frequency of LOVV_CTR
changed airspace of APP LOWS/LOWG/LOWK
changed airspace of ACC B/W/S/N
integrated new LOA with LHCC and LKAA
integrated new FLAS
addet Helipad LOPF, LOPR

Groundradar, addet TJS callsign do primary GAC area
Airac 2103 V2Patrick Weineis   2021-03-26 09:03:02 UTC
fixed missing SID/STAR in LOWG
fixed missing freetext on
fixed old Topsky.dll in Full installer
Airac 2103 V1Patrick Weineis   2021-02-27 16:26:32 UTC
LOWS changed E-Position
LOWW changed Groundlayout to actual real life situation
LOWK addet missing Helipad H1-H3
LOWG addet missing Helipad H4-H6

addet "U" transition for LOWW

Groundradar plugin, changed sourcecode for LOWW

Airac 2102 V1Patrick Weineis   2021-02-14 23:06:03 UTC
Informed colors changed to reflect correct real colors.
Fixed a bug where LOWG departures via LOWW_APP airspace will be informed once released by APP an inside the CTR LOWW.
New Groundradar.dll is available in "Plugisn for Update"
Updated EDMM-CPDLC logons for seamless logon-transition.
addet LOA LZBB
addet missing LOWG/LOWW TMA1 procmin
Airac 2013 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-11-14 13:35:50 UTC
Updated MRVA

fixed bad data in maps

New Features:
When Military Radar (LOVV_M_CTR) comes online the TSAs for Schober, MTMA LOXZ and MTMA LOXZ become active automatically for all users.
When LOXZ_APP or LOXZ_APP comes online, the TSAs for the respective Aproach Sector become active automatically for all users.
Informed flights reintroduced (pink flights)
Symbols for intersections and airports adapted according to the real symbols.
No MTCD-Alerts (CARD Window) are being triggered for flights on the ground.
For CTR-Sectors, on assume of a flight, the flightleg is displayed for five seconds (behaviour of the real system)

New/changed Topsky maps:
MRVA maps updated.
New dynamic transition maps for all runway configs in LOWW - the waypoint names and lines are being shown depending on zoom level.
New maps for TMAs, CTRs, Highways and Rivers for fast access in Topsky.
Fixed display errors in maps due to layering.

SEPs invoked from the CARD-window now have the correct color.
NITE-area activiation times corrected.
Airac 2012 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-11-07 22:08:43 UTC
Fixed missing LOIJ SID and Approach

APP-Window, extented centerline set to 10nm

fixed DEST LOWG show FL170 instead of FL120 from LOVV_S_CTR via Sector Klagenfurt

corrected LIML FL350 @ DETSA
airac 2011 V2Patrick Weineis   2020-10-31 14:55:13 UTC
all rivers now in one category
all highways now in one category
new FLAS addet

tma, ctr, rivers and roads have now quickaccess in maps/LOVV
removed PINKA und MELK line in maps/LOWW