Airac 1711 V1Patrick Weineis   2017-10-08 13:46:38 UTC
Update Alias file.
Replace all transition commands

.LOWW11 .ff BALAD3K MABOD4K NERDU4K PESAT3K WW669 WW665 WW663 WW661 WW659 WW657 WW655 WW653 WW652 WW651 WW664 WW658 WW656 WW654 WW666 WW667
.LOWW16 .ff BALAD5L MABOD5L NERDU6L PESAT5L WW686 WW684 WW682 WW680 WW679 WW678 WW677 WW676 WW674 WW673 WW672 WW671 WW670 WW690 WW688 WW681 WW675
.LOWW29 .ff BALAD4M MABOD5M NERDU4M PESAT4M WW964 WW956 WW954 WW953 WW952 WW951 WW950 WW967 WW965 WW961 WW959 WW957 WW955 WW963 WW966
.LOWW34 .ff BALAD3N MABOD4N NERDU4N PESAT4N WW988 WW982 WW980 WW978 WW976 WW974 WW973 WW972 WW971 WW987 WW985 WW983 WW981 WW979 WW977 WW975 WW991 WW989
.LOWW1116 .ff BALAD3K MABOD5L NERDU6L PESAT3K/5L WW669 WW665 WW663 WW661 WW659 WW657 WW655 WW653 WW652 WW651 WW667 WW681 WW679 WW677 WW675 WW673 WW672 WW671 WW670 WW690 WW688 WW680 WW678 WW676 WW674 WW684 WW682
.LOWL26 .ff ARASA1D PETEN1D WL812 WL822 WL827 WL828 PEROL WL811 WL821 WL826
.LOWL08 .ff ARASA1C PETEN1C WL812 WL802 WL807 WL808 LIDSI WL811 WL801 WL806
.LOWG17 .ff PIBIP2N XIBAR2N WG501 WG822 RONOT WG814 WG815 WG816 WG821
.LOWK28 .ff MOKEG2E WK830 WK831 WK832 KFT
.LOWK10 .ff MOKEG1W WK830 WK806 WK807 WK808
Airac 1710 V3Patrick Weineis   2017-09-27 20:47:11 UTC
Fixed LOWS ATIS Frequenz
Fixed false MRVA west of ILS08 at LOWL
Airac 1709 V1Patrick Weineis   2017-08-12 16:58:31 UTC
Changed LOWG, LOWI, LOWL, LOWS, LOWW addet Grasstrip at Groundlayout
Changed wrong set colour of Street- and trainlines
Changed wrong Gatenumbers at LOWW (please reloud ground fixes)
Addet Heliports and VFR Fields
Addet FIS Profile
Airac 1708 V1Patrick Weineis   2017-08-06 12:52:48 UTC
Please reload all LOWW_Grounddesignators we addet new Freetext's.

also addet a FIS Profile + VFR Airports