Airac 2304 V2Patrick Weineis   2023-04-22 07:34:57 UTC
Fixed TAGS

Fixed LOWW_ATIS for LOVV station (no LOWW_ATIS was selectable)

LOWG_GND addet stand F1,F3,F5,F7,F9,F11
LOWL_GND addet Helipad 1,2,3,4,5

Groundradar Plugin
Improved Gate detection for LOWG
Improved Gate detection for LOWL
Improved Gate detection for LOWS

Departure List
Hide TSAC column in standart config
Airac 2304 V1Patrick Weineis   2023-03-31 20:41:11 UTC
New Version

New Version

now does not account for and present warnings in regard to aircraft equipment. This is a temporary change necessary due to the new Euroscope version and deficiencies in the FSD-protocol. It will be reverted once the FSD-protocol is updated.

CDM tool
for BETA testing

Changed VATSIM Server to "AUTOMATIC"
changed "Euroscope Start" sound to silent
adjusted volume of "Frequency message" sound
configurated ATIS for every profile
LOVV_S_APP corrected [F1]+[1] which leads you earlier to LOVV_N_APP view

Updated to incorporate new IASsure-features

Adjusted startup list
Adjusted TaxiOut list
Adjusted TaxiIn list
Adjusted Takeoff list

addet command for CDM tool
Airac 2303 V3Patrick Weineis   2023-03-25 13:33:38 UTC
Airac 2303 V2Patrick Weineis   2023-03-25 13:33:29 UTC
Bugfix EDMM Sectors
Airac 2303 V1Patrick Weineis   2023-03-11 11:31:21 UTC
Addet Airfields/Heliports: LODV, LODW, LOBL, LOBU, LODV, LOST
addet LOWI VFR Rep point KILO
addet LOR9, LOR,10 LOR11

Addet ACC-x6 Sectors

changed all LOWI SID to FL120
corrected wrong SID in LOWL and LOWS

new IASsure.dll file, please update manual
Airac 2302 V1Patrick Weineis   2023-02-14 16:22:39 UTC
Bugfix Topsky MABOD transition show routing to russia
Airac 2301 V2Patrick Weineis   2023-02-02 20:03:38 UTC
Bugfix FLAS LOWK descent FL170 from W1
Airac 2301 V1Patrick Weineis   2023-01-26 07:02:58 UTC
adjusted LOWW transition designator
Airac 2213 V2Patrick Weineis   2022-12-30 03:47:05 UTC
Bugfix radar tags
Airac 2213 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-12-28 14:43:14 UTC
new Plugin
IASsure.dll, activate as instructed in at

Update Plugin
Groundradar.dll is updated to V1.5

Update Tags for IASsure plugin

new Position LKAA_APP (cover LKAA below FL125)