airac 2011 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-09-13 08:44:00 UTC
VFR point Klosterneuburg fixed
new VFR points LOWL + updated LOWL_TWR.asr

fixed wrong tower highlight in LOXZ

addet LOVV_W_CTR
airac 2010 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-08-30 03:33:05 UTC
checked and corrected all VFR Fixes

Changed linestyle for ARTCC high to "solid".
Changed linestyle for ARTCC to "dash-dot".
Changed linestyle for ARTCC low to "dot".

Added "disabled,disability,impaired" to Label_Field18_Flag_Items.

Added LKAA to Mode-S Area.

Sectorfile Delta:
Reordered Maps in different categories to allow for different draw styles.
airac 2009 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-07-27 13:00:54 UTC
Missing Grounddesignator in LOXT addet
Missing Helipads in LOXT addet
addet missing LOXT profiles and ASR files
Missing MTMA LOXT5 addet to LOXZ_APP Airspace
All feeder (excluding LOWW) deleted, not available in reality
disabled all LOD/LOR (except LOR15) in the ASR files (Topsky controlled)
Login Profile for LOXT addet

disabled Pro Mode (wrong Squawks are visible again, but Squawk-C is not visible in APP Window of Groundplugin)
addet LOXT

airac 2008 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-07-06 20:44:12 UTC
addet "S" VFR Fix in LOWK

addet LOVV_M_CTR (Military)
changed LOWZ_TWR frequency

addet missing FL210 restriction at MASUR/BALAD/NIGSI for ARR LZIB

LOXZ ATIS is now available
airac 2007 V2Patrick Weineis   2020-06-27 21:43:58 UTC
removed TULN MTA if LOXT_APP is offline
airac 2007 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-05-30 17:35:38 UTC
changed E9 to manual assignment (to prevent confusion due position deleted charts )

New Topsky update
Addet MTMA Tulln in Airspace managment
RDF lower limit 4000ft

Squawk for LOVV fixed again
addet missing LOXT_APP Station
change LOXT to active airport for LOWW_N_APP (if LOXT_APP offline)
airac 2006 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-05-17 20:34:55 UTC
Groundlayout LOWW addet missing A7/A8 and B5 text
LOWI_TWR planes should be now shown in green when the sector

Flights to LHPB via LZBB airspace should automaticly set LHCC_W_CTR as next station if LZBB/EURE is offline

new releaser, please update .dll manualy
addet gate blockage to neighbour stands, if plane is to big for current position
addet G16/G26/G36/E97/E98/E99

airac 2005 V2Patrick Weineis   2020-04-27 21:19:07 UTC
updated callsigns in Topsky and Groundplugin
ATIS: replaced DITIS with BUWUT in DEP29/34
SIDSTAR plugin: replaced DITIS departure with BUWUT
Groundplugin: GAC-W renamed in GAC
airac 2005 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-04-23 12:17:32 UTC
LOVV don't assign local 46xx Squawks anymore
LOWI LOC DME East rwy08 fixed missing ADWIG waypoint
Airac 2004 V2Patrick Weineis   2020-03-28 16:39:34 UTC
corrected not connected line at ground
corrected sectorsplit Ground only shown between ground when W_GND is online (TWR will see split also if West is offline)
VFR Mode-S will receive now Squawk 7000
VFR Squawks LOWG/I/K/L/S_APP temporary fixed
fixed Squawkmode S with Transatlantik aircrafts