ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Installer1912 / 0112019-11-07 19:04:57Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Update1912 / 0112019-11-07 19:06:12Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Update1912 / 0112019-11-07 19:07:19Zip7z

Airac 1911 Rev1Patrick Weineis   2019-10-15 08:01:51 UTC
Updated AFV_Bridge Plugin
Updated Topsky Plugin
Updated Groundradar Plugin
corrected SIDSTAR plugin for LOWS departure
corrected LOWW_D_APP (rwy11/29) LOWW_F_APP (rwy16/34)
changed "controller voice server" to hide in standart
changed "Piloting table" (simulated traffic) to hide in standart
Airac 1911Patrick Weineis   2019-10-13 19:43:54 UTC
removed Voice Server due AFV
removed Push to talk assignment due AFV
removed ATIS wav files due AFV
addet AfvEuroScopeBridge.dll plugin
corrected LOWS_GND.asr, wrong airport entered in file result in no traffic shown on ground
changed ARR/DEP colour to Real standart (pink=departing, green=arriving)

Airac 1910Patrick Weineis   2019-08-25 00:45:54 UTC
changed font + fontsize of Groundplugin
Airac 1909Patrick Weineis   2019-08-15 15:17:01 UTC
corrected SIDSTAR file
changed some settings for parking LOWW
addet ADRIA radar in VCCS
Airac 1908Patrick Weineis   2019-07-09 04:03:36 UTC
addet G71 G72 stand
addet GAC stands to Groundradar plugin

delete GAC East NOTAM A0011-19
delete A97 - A99 NOTAM A0012-19
Adjusted D28 max wingspan/lenght NOTAM A0053-18

Updated traffic via .... expect 34/16 (due WGM delete)