ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Installer2212 / 0112022-12-01 14:23:16Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Update2212 / 0112022-12-01 14:23:55Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Update2212 / 0112022-12-01 14:32:59Zip7z

Airac 2112 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-11-26 19:00:08 UTC
delete LOVV_W15_CTR position
adjusted Upper Limit of Zita (Aviano, Italy) to FL295
Airac 2111 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-11-03 18:35:49 UTC
-) Fixed missing NOTAMs
-) New map 29-nite in Category LOWW
Airac 2210 V2Patrick Weineis   2022-10-09 20:13:39 UTC
reverted LOVV Callsign change

fixed "could not assign gate" msg in LOWI and LOWK
Airac 2210 V1Patrick Weineis   2022-10-05 22:48:36 UTC
renamed all LOVV station into LOVV-x_CTR format
addet LOVV-W15_CTR which is only responsible for the complete ACC-W Sector
reorder LOVV-C_CTR in W1 sector

New Topsky version
Topsky Changes:
-) South transition in LOWI 26 HIRO moved 2nm to the south.
-) All LOWI_ stations can now use keyboard shortcuts to send aircraft to certain sectors:
+<1>: Transfer to LOWI_APP
+<2>: Transfer to LOWI_E_APP or LOWI_S_APP (whichever is online)
+<3>: Transfer to LOWI_F_APP (Arrival)

New DELHEL version
-) also give now Squawk when checking the FPL
Airac 2209 V2Patrick Weineis   2022-09-10 08:08:19 UTC
Bugfixing LOWI COPX points
changed HIRO Map for LOWI

Addet Missing Holdings: