ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Installer1910 / 0112019-09-12 14:14:31Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Full_Update1910 / 0112019-09-12 14:50:18Zip7z
ESLOVV LOVV_Update1910 / 0112019-09-12 14:50:53Zip7z

Airac 1909Patrick Weineis   2019-08-15 15:17:01 UTC
corrected SIDSTAR file
changed some settings for parking LOWW
addet ADRIA radar in VCCS
Airac 1908Patrick Weineis   2019-07-09 04:03:36 UTC
addet G71 G72 stand
addet GAC stands to Groundradar plugin

delete GAC East NOTAM A0011-19
delete A97 - A99 NOTAM A0012-19
Adjusted D28 max wingspan/lenght NOTAM A0053-18

Updated traffic via .... expect 34/16 (due WGM delete)
Airac 1907Patrick Weineis   2019-05-27 12:07:52 UTC
-improved "J.wav " file
-addet NAP.wav

-addet taxiwayrestrictions for LOWG
-LOWW del SOVIL1X dep
-LOXZ add WIMMI1D/F dep
-LOWI add NANIT2A arr
Airac 1904 Rev.1Patrick Weineis   2019-04-02 18:12:45 UTC
Updated Topsky callsign (EJU, FRS, ...)
Corrected LOVV_S_CTR airspace
Airac 1904Patrick Weineis   2019-03-09 22:16:12 UTC
addet groundfixes for LOAN, LOAV, LOLW (must be activated if not used the "LOVV Full Update")
addet groundfix Ex21 at LOWW (must be activated if not used the "LOVV Full Update")
addet LOVV_S_CTR (LOWG,LOWK,LOWI if LOVV_CTR is offline, automaticly assigned for complete austria)
addet LOXT_APP
updated Topsky_Callsign's

CTR LOWG now up to 4.500ft

LOD22,LOD24,LOD25a,LOD26,LOD27,LOD30 changed altitutes

COPX for LZIB set to 7.000ft acc. real procedure