airac 2005 V2Patrick Weineis   2020-04-27 21:19:07 UTC
updated callsigns in Topsky and Groundplugin
ATIS: replaced DITIS with BUWUT in DEP29/34
SIDSTAR plugin: replaced DITIS departure with BUWUT
Groundplugin: GAC-W renamed in GAC
airac 2005 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-04-23 12:17:32 UTC
LOVV don't assign local 46xx Squawks anymore
LOWI LOC DME East rwy08 fixed missing ADWIG waypoint
Airac 2004 V2Patrick Weineis   2020-03-28 16:39:34 UTC
corrected not connected line at ground
corrected sectorsplit Ground only shown between ground when W_GND is online (TWR will see split also if West is offline)
VFR Mode-S will receive now Squawk 7000
VFR Squawks LOWG/I/K/L/S_APP temporary fixed
fixed Squawkmode S with Transatlantik aircrafts
Airac 2004 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-03-17 22:27:30 UTC
COPX now for all CTR controller visible
LZIB APP boarder missing fixed
A8x stands renamed to A6x
changed Ground split TL36 east of TL37 now West Ground
fixed Tag Family at LOWW_TWR
Squawkmode S will now also be assigned if A/C fly Transatlantik
Airac 2003 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-01-31 09:11:26 UTC
New frequency LOVV_R_CTR 132.950 (arrival manager for Events)

Topsky plugin
- updated to new version
- Changed scaling for better readbility in 1920x1024. To change the scaling to your liking, please change the appropriate variables at the top of TopSkySettings.txt.
- Reference latitude added.
- Changed NOTAM provider since the old server is now offline.
- Deactivated informed state (this should get rid of the discobug for now)
- CPDLC free text now functional
- Added new CPDLC free text options. Also sending aircraft to UNICOM via CPDLC is now possible. Remember to "End CPDLC" after the pilot "wilco-ed" the instruction.
- If using the "WHEN READY DESCEND..." instructions, remember that you need to insert the cleared level via the label anyway (using the R/T button to avoid triggering another message)
- new sortings in "maps" folder of radar menu
- delete double ldeast entry in maps

Ground plugin
- new sortings in "maps" folder
- addet frequencies to blend in for handover twr, gnd,del

addet VISUAL departure rwy15; visual Left SI DCT SBG

Airac 2002 V1Patrick Weineis   2020-01-30 16:36:55 UTC
Groundradar plugin
- delete automatic stand assignment for LOWI
- increased area for stand/gate detection at LOWS

- Updated Callsign list
Airac 2001 V1Patrick Weineis   2019-12-14 14:53:59 UTC
LOWW new B positions addet(old GAC-East)
LOWW A3x positions addet(GAC-West)

corrected "NAP" phrase

Show element:
correctet LOWW 16/19DEP SID
correctet LOWK 10L transition
Airac 1913 V2Patrick Weineis   2019-12-12 08:29:47 UTC
LVP corrected, "text to speech" spelled nautical mile wrong
NAP corrected, "text to speech" spelled local time wrong

removed all by pilot SID (AR/BR departure ínn LOWW)
Airac 1913V1Patrick Weineis   2019-12-05 11:59:30 UTC
All airports
Missing RNAV procedure addet again.

Helipad addet [url=°07'26.1%22N+16°32'24.1%22E/@48.123921,16.5382481,855m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m13!1m6!3m5!1s0x476c55ab471abe9b:0x247a52108dd29b4b!2sVienna+International+Airport!8m2!3d48.1158333!4d16.5665751!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d48.1239212!4d16.5400196?hl=en ]google maps[/url]
Airac 1912 V2Patrick Weineis   2019-11-18 12:46:12 UTC
Updated Hoppie logon stations
Updated wrong ATIS.txt (missing 000, + and -)
addet some FLAS COPX points
addet WX radar coordinates